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Friday, February 18, 2011

What to Wear to an Air Raid: The final days.

The Air Raid is Saturday! I'm excited!
I finished my sweater yesterday.

Added the buttons and even tried the Warden pin I have on to see how it looks. I like it, but I decided to wear a different jacket.

Something lighter. Plus I though the brown clashed with the overalls and this blue looks much better.

Also nearly finished my new garter belt.

I extended this one down in the back to cover my bum and it fits very well.

All I have to do is add the garters and I'm golden.

I also got around to doing some of the finishing touches on my Warden outfit.

I braided a chain from some of my embroidery nylon for my Warden's whistle.

I've made the armband and I think it looks cool.

I still have to decide what I'm going to do to the helmet. I really don't want to alter it so I might just leave it be.

I'm tired and stressed and out of coffee.
I know, life is so not fair.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working on what I'm wearing to the Air Raid

It's Hank Williams tonight.

Hi all. I haven't abandoned the blog, I've been working on other things.

First off, my friend and I are finally putting some initiative in learning to dance. We've taken a few free classes and I've found more people who can helm me learn. I have to keep on them though. I'm a good nag. We also are looking for classes and might have some leads on rather inexpensive ones.

But for the last few weeks, we have been going to a local dive bar but they have swing lessons every Tuesday AND a live band! Real good live bands. It's been fun.

I haven't been getting dressed up a lot lately, but I did manage to snap some photos of my outfit from last night.

As far as my Air Raid outfits. I'm still making progress.

This past weekend I met two of my other vintage friends and we took a trek to one of the only millinery stores in the country, probably the world. We got there on time, but apparently on a Saturday, the store opens at an 'ish' time. There were about three people waiting, so we just decided to look in the sewing shop across the street.

Dozens of used industrial machines. All in different stages of repair/life. Some I wondered what they did.

We went back later and the millinery store was finally open! These were the doors.

I do so love the tidbits of vintage detailing that you stumble upon in downtown. It's wondrous!

Shelves and shelves of old hat veils, millinery fruit and trims. Beautiful stuff from buyouts of old stores from the 60s and 70s. The bad thing was the store was a crap hole. Disorganized and dusty beyond belief. But apparently all the studios come down there to get findings for costumes, so it's the place to go.

I did like it, but didn't buy anything but some buckram, which they had for a good price.
The store was also a few blocks from the fabric district so we stopped by. While I was there I went on and grabbed some fabric dye for my other sweater.

Finally go around to dyeing it.

When I was thinking of the color I wanted I was envisioning a more muted deeper brown. This one is a warmer brighter one than I was thinking, but I can live with it.

The knit of the cotton was so tight that on the dye missed some yarn. But it does not really show and it's livable and I managed to dye this one the same way as the other one with no incidents. Now I have to choose buttons.

It's also time to work on my helmet.

I got this beauty online for less that $20 a few weeks ago.

A friend of mine sent me some Air Raid decals but I don't know if I want to use them.

I think I'll scan them and do a print out. I also need to work on my armband. That I'll do later today.

One last thing...
I finally got around to doing a new draft for a garter belt.

I'm still working on my girdle, but I wanted something for the Air Raid and these take about a day to whip up. I'm lowering the back because I have shelf butt and I get sick of the belt ridding up.

The cross out in the back is where the elastic is gonna go.
It's customization all the way baby!


That's a lot of stuff in a few days. And my legs are wobbly from dancin'. Still this Saturday should be a blast. I won't allow my brain to be hindered by the fact it might rain...
Happy Thoughts........!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catalog Sunday

This week in tandem with my previous foundation garment post are foundation garments from the 30s and 40s. Check out the variety of the Lane Bryant ones. All the LB scans from 1942 were from one 60 page catalog.

Lane Bryant 1932

Lane Bryant 1933

National Bellas Hess. 1933

Rowman's Department Store 1938

Chicago Mail Order Company 1941

Lane Bryant 1942.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foundation Garments: Formal Wear

One thing I'm not too keen on with most modern shapewear is the large amount of rubber. Sure it was used in vintage shapewear, and I'm sure it wore out then too, but even so, I just dont like it.

That's why you are never suppose to put your lady things in the dryer. Like a rubber band left in the sun, it will over dry and start to crack. Rubber that is going bad not only looses its elasticity, it starts to reek.

Ever had a bra too long and wonder why it smells like mildew just after you've laundered it? Yeah, thank the bad rubber. That's what was happening to my everyday bras. The elastic around the bottom, the plush elastic was starting to go bad. I mean, this happens with all foundation garments, and I don't expect the bra to last forever, but the cups and straps were still good so why chuck it and spend $30+ for a new one when all it needed was some replacement elastic?

So I did some research and found SewSassy, a foundation garment supply store. I'm not too keen on ordering from places that require a minimum purchase (and the kicker is they don't tell you UNTIL you are checking out), but they were the only place I could find online that had plush elastic, so I went on and got it.

I ordered a few yards of white, tan and black. When it arrived, I tested one bra and cut off the bottom elastic. I needed to check the stretch of the elastic, and I remember reading you do that via a 5" length. I stretched the old out verses the new, and found that the new stuff had 20% more stretch than the original, so I adjusted the length accordingly. Then, using my ziz zag stitch, I sewed the new band onto the bra and it worked like a charm. Might not be as pretty as the original, but I'll get more wear and no smell. Yay!

Two rows of polly thread. It didn't take as long to undo as I though.

I sewed on the new elastic just like the old elastic was sewn on. I did a ziz-zag on the raw power net then flipped it over and ziz-zaged the top.

Ta da! I'm wearing it now and it fits great!

Perhaps I'm mentioning too many lady secrets in this post. Perhaps it's stuff that we have needed to chat about for some time but we were too sheepish to mention. Either way, I hope other ladies will think about altering or mending even their unmentionables before blindly going out and buying something new.

Which brings me to girdles. I finally got one. Well, a tester.

I got an OBG (open bottom girdle). It was on clearance from OrchardCorset. I was going to get it by waist size because that was all they listed but then I thought about it and went up a size to account for my hips. Good thing I did.

When it arrived the hips fit great. I'm girdled where I need to be down there. My ponch is nice and flat and the back of my mum has a lovely soft incline instead of the cliff butt I'm normally sporting. But because there is nearly a 12" difference from my waist to hips, this OBG does NOTHING for my waist. In fact, it makes me look like a twinkie.

I don't want to look like a twinkie.

This has been my whole struggle with foundation garments. Trying to find something with not too much rubber, but with breathability and cut for my curves.

I've tried Rago. I own their 679 long leg panty girdle with stocking garters (I didn't buy it at Secrets & Lace, too pricy there), but the waist is too short (my big bum) and the garters are not long enough.


I'm leery of trying a Squeem because they are mostly rubber.

I want breathability.

I have a long line backless bra that's a Goddess that I bought for a special back open gown I made, but I tried it on some months later and it was too loose!


I bought this torso shaper from AmericMark but again, my ass, Ill have to cut gussets in the back in order to have it not roll up.

And even after that I don't know how pleased I'll be with the fit.


I also ordered this from OrchardCorset. It was a super long shot.

First thing that should have turned me off was it seals with velcro. The ribbing lace that separates the panels shatter any form this thing would hold and just...

HUGE Miss.

So you can see my frustration on the subject.

Usually when I've tried this much, and I've failed to find something pleasing this much, if it is within my ability, I'll make it.

Thats what I did with my garter belt. I wear this whenever I need to wear my stockings. I made it fit snug around my waist so I don't get pull down. I do wish I had made it a bit more snug around my hips because then Id have more firming there. Remembering my criteria from my last post;



-Ease of bathroom use

-My thighs cant touch

To meet all four points, I'm rocking the breeches. Along with a slip and a white t-shirt, that's my normal formal foundation wear. I so wish I could be more glamorous with the underpinnings, but I need it to be comfortable above all else.

But I'm tired of having this gap in my wardrobe. I'm tired of not getting the shape that I want for the shape that I am. My largest success was the chocolate garter belt, so I'm going to take the girdle I just bought and draft a pattern from that. Im going to sew my own girdle. Yup. I'm gonna do it. Hopefully with minimum elastic, and I think I'll use a funky firm fabric, ticking! YEAH!

I love ticking anyway and I've been looking for an excuse to make something with it. There are SO many cute colors out there!

Ooh, pink!

Lemons into lemonade I say!
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