Monday, July 2, 2012

My first bias cut skirt, and a vacation.

I have this bias cut skirt I got a long time ago at Macy's for a song. It's an Eddie Bauer, and it's black linen, fully lined. I remember wearing it the other night to Cicada club and just loving the way it swooshed and galloped as I walked. Of course a lot of that was because of the weight of the fabric, and even the lining, but it felt so feminine and sexy.

Then I got to thinking, why don't I ever make my own bias cut items?

Well, as I'm sure you all know, it takes up mega tons of fabric. Mega tons is an understatement, shit load would be more accurate.

I decided to try it. Splurge on some $4 a yard striped fabric and give it a go.

I had just finished the rayon skirt from my early Simplicity pattern and that fit turned out really good, so I thought why not try it again?

I marked my pattern for a forty-five degree angle, and made sure I laid out the fabric correctly. I took into account the 1/2" seam allowance, and decided to mark the pattern so I could make a chevron type design out of the stripes.

Well, it worked and it was WAY easier than I thought.

Front of skirt.
The fabric is a cotton sateen, and it's just perfect for my Camp Hollywood wardrobe.

Back of skirt.
Love that zipper :)
It's hanging on Onda right now and I'll hem it soon. It's just been a looooooog few weeks.

On that note I thought I'd announce I'm taking July off. 

I put my etsy store on vacation, and with that wedding dress I was telling you all about (I'll post pictures next month when the wedding photos come in), I'm focusing on sewing more for myself, which I have not done a lot of in weeks. I miss it and I desperately need some clothes. That, and I have too many people Ive been sewing for. So many that I've turned down work.

Catalog Sunday will still happen, and I may post a bit to FB every now and then, but I'm gonna  chill for a bit. I've been feeling like my life is getting away from me and I really don't like that feeling so I'm going to buckle down on some things and find myself again. That and work is picking up so I really need to be centered for that.

Thanks for all your support throughout all the crazy I've been going through. You all are the most rad friends the internet ever had!

Please, feel free to email me if you have questions about stuff, and I hope to come back to NVL in August just in time for Make n Mend, 2012! I didn't forget!

Have a great 4th, dance, sew, eat, and love.
See ya!


Pixie said...

that skirt is amazing! Enjoy your break and we will see you soon!

Butterfly said...

Good job on the chevron effect. Just a word of caution: Let your skirt hang for at least three days to a week before hemming. Bias cut skirts tend to stretch over time.

Regena said...

I know the feeling.....enjoy your new found time!

eileensbasement said...

I love your skirt and just in time for July the Fourth too! Great job with the chevron effect. I'm using this same fabric for a sundress I'm making, though I wish I had your strip matching skills!

Wendy said...

Shelley enjoy your time to yourself!

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