Sunday, April 3, 2011

Building a Dust Bowl wardrobe.

Perhaps it's the encroaching warmer weather but I've been thinking about the light breezy and ruffled fashions of the women of rural middle America. The farmer's wives and working gals who wanted the latest fashions but could not or being where they were, were often a year or so behind.

It's that transition phase from the dropped waistline of the 20s but before the high puffy sleeves of the mid to late 30s. I see lots of flowing lawns, and brightly colored cottons and great ruffled sleeves.

The colors also appeal to me. I grabbed some prints I was looking at at and if you have never been there, you have been warned. They carry the most amazing repro textiles from as early as the Victorian Era to the late 50s. Amazing pattern, all cotton and all I want dresses of!

Here is the main palette I'm looking to work from.

As I'm sure you have noticed I selected most of these for my blog colors. What can I say, I just love choosing color schemes!

Here are some of the fabrics from the Reproduction Fabrics.
I really like the above one. Can't you see that in a cool summer frock? Delicious! 

I adore this one as well. I think the olive and the red play well off one another. 

As far as what I intend to make with this 'theme', I'm still deciding. I've pulled some dust bowl-ish pattern, I think, and I plan on looking through my stash to see what works.

Here are some ideas.
The above one I've made before, a couple of times. 
It makes a darling day frock. It dates about 1935.

I've always wanted to try this one.

 I've made this one as well. More a 20s feel to it and it was an after 5 dress. 
It might be nice to make it as a day dress.

And then I have some repro patterns that fit into the mix.

Now that it's getting warmer, I might take a shot at that evening gown in the flowered rayon.

 Collars and cuffs and stuff are so dust bowl to me. Accessorizing a plain dress is just what you did.

I know people were expecting some draping post Man Month, but I got a few emails from some readers who were interested in following along and wanted some time to make a duct tape dress form. 
So get to it, people!

I'll keep you posted!
Here is a video by one of my favorite modern bands featuring one of my favorite modern singers, Mark Lanegan. The video is very dust bowl :)


Lila Leeds said...

That's a lovely colour palette & really nice fabrics. It'll be great to see what you make up.

Suellen said...

Love the palette, love the fabrics and look forward to the final result.

Viv said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with, LD! You always make such lovely things!

PepperToast said...

What wonderful fabrics and colour palette. I can't wait to see your results.

Ann, aka Amateur Bot-ann-ist said...

I just found your blog because I was looking for your review of the McCall flower pattern. I love this effort of yours and I love the dress you just made! It looks great.

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