Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pimp my dress form.

So Onda and I have been talking (about as much as one can talk with a headless dress form), and she thinks she's a bit 'under matched'. I mean she does look home made. Not that there is anything against that, its just she has a store bought personality.


After thinking on it a bit and realizing if I didn't do something to her I wouldn't use her, I decided to reshape her shoulders a bit, and give her a bit of a sleek look. I give all the credit to my little friend below.

Oh Elmer, is there anything you cant mildly fix?

After the shoulder shape up, I coated Onda's duct tape innards in a single layer of newsprint and glue/water mixture.

From there I decided to draft a cover (linen) that I can't WAIT to coat in the glue mix. I LOVE that stuff! After I draped the side (my first attempt at it) I matched the fabric and did some quick sewing.

I had to shape the boobs a bit more than original, and draping the sewn piece back in place was a bit of a challenge, Im getting it. Once the front is coated and dry, Ill drape the back and Onda will feel like a million bucks.


Tasia said...

I thought she was great-looking before, but her linen cover will be a nice improvement! Onda will be so pleased.

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said... have inspired the heck out of me...but I don't think I have the sewing skills to pull this off. She looks fantbulous!!!!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Wow-wee!!! Onda is looking good! You can make me over anytime...even though I'm not a dress form.

Tilly said...

Fantastic! Wish I was confident enough to draft a fabric cover for my home-made dress form - she's still bearing her parcel tape skin, the poor love.

Susan said...

Onda looks great! I need to bite the bullet and just make a body double for myself, I am getting tired of having my mother pin me into dresses!

amy said...

Feel like a million bucks! Onda will LOOK like FIVE million bucks!

great idea! when i get around, aka find a helper, to making a dressform i will have to try this. playing with glue is fun.

Lisette said...

Aw, she looks great :D I still have yet to make a dressform. Someday!

Lesley Stein said...

OMG! I had been thinking of making a duct tape form and doing a paper mache over that to make it more sturdy (because I had read on your blog that it doesn't hold shape). You're one step ahead and now I know it will work. It look so professional with the linen too :)

Lyric said...

Girl, I bow to sewing/creativity greatness. Work it!

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