Your to do lists.

Everyday in my mind I conjure up a simple to do list of odds and ends that need to be completed that day. Actually, I'm a very list oriented person, and I find I make tons of to do lists, micromanaged down to the hour. All in my head, all actually doable.

The problem I have is I get lazy, or rather, I get a case of the 'do it later's. "I can wash my hair tomorrow night." "I can do laundry on the weekend." "I'll list that pattern in etsy tomorrow." "I'll sweep the apartment next week." Etcetera. I beat myself up about it all the time. I could have done more, I can push myself to keep going. I actually want to keep going.

Alterations alterations.

The loveseat restoration is coming along. This is the SECOND soak of the cushions. You don't wanna see the water color of the first soak.

Restoring my Royalchrome loveseat pt 1

Hello lovely people. I hope your weekend was a good one. Even though it rained all day yesterday, it was a great weekend for me. I went on a walking tour with some lovely friends and had good conversation and good food. I even made some pants, two pairs to be exact, but more on all of that later this week.

Catalog Sunday

Sorry for the lateness today, I thought I had one in the cue. 
The booklet was oversized, so it's photos today.

New Pattern Day Yay!!!

Happy Friday one and all.
Hope your weekend is planned with new and wondrous things. I am going on a walking tour on Saturday, and meeting a friend for lunch on Sunday. In between that I'm going to be sewing. But more on that later. I have some etsy store updates to share.

I have a new repro out. This dress is probably going to be my only late 40s dress. Its a great yoke front with a shawl collar. I've made this a couple of times, and gotten so many compliments on the pattern design that I decided to repro it.

I've got the PDF of Dos and Donts for the Plump Girl up in the shop. It's 50 pages of tips for the stout lady to dress for success.

As for the sewing I'm planning on doing, I just reworked my pants pattern and cut and serged another pair of jeans.

I think I'm also going to finally work on this blouse. I've been meaning to make it for a long time.

I'm also thinking of working on the mock up for this number, but as a blouse. 
I really like the yoke on this.

Those are my plans for the weekend. I'm curious myself to see how much I get done.
Have a great Friday everyone!

Weird feeling weekend.

Happy Tuesday lovely people. 
I hope your week is going well and you just aren't hoping to get through it as quickly as you can so you can enjoy your next weekend.
Hey, we have all been there.

My past weekend was strange, emotionally. I mean, I felt fine, but I was just sad. I'm not sure as why. I constantly reflect on the good things that have happened to me lately, and sometimes I feel I don't deserve them, but I just felt totally lonely and sad this past Saturday and Sunday. 

The wave has passed and I feel fine now, but it was strange to have a sudden bout of heaviness like that.

A bit about me.
I was diagnosed with severe depression around 2004. With the help of my doctor and some meds, I was able to get back on track and here I am today, a regulated happy person. That weekend sadness felt routine, I guess, but still it was odd.

In any account I tried to keep myself busy over the weekend. I didn't have any pressing plans so I just stayed at home and set up the rest of my stuff. 

My framed picture is up!

The framing store called and my piece was ready for pickup!

I could not wait to get it home and hang it. The frame is custom made, and the matting is a shimmery linen. I love the look, though, it looks rather underwhelming in this picture :)

Fashion Dos and Don'ts for the Plump Girl

I picked up this amazing fashion book online the other day and I just had to share some of it with all my lovely stout readers. It dates from 1943.

A PDF version is available for sale in my etsy store.

Pimp My Dress Form: The 'She's got Legs' conclusion

Happy Monday one and all. 
I tell you, the weekend isn't long enough. Just when I get through with all the stuff I didn't have time to do during the week, Sunday evening us upon me. 

Don't you hate that?

I did manage to get some stuff done, though.
On Saturday completely cleaned house. Mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors, and set up the final touches of my drawing area.

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have something different for you. 
Some of you may know about this link, but someone just exposed me to it.

Fashion Drawings & Sketches in the Collections of FIT and the New York Public Library

Hundreds of fashion illustrations all sorted by subject.

I've been sewing, just nothing fun.

Geeze, no post since Tuesday!? I am one mega lame blogger, ain't I?

Rest assured, it's not solely because I'm lazy. I've been sewing, a lot as a matter of fact, just nothing cool. I've been doing a lot of alterations and fixes of things for friends. I recently has an, "I invite you over so I can get your alterations measured because I'm sick of hearing how you lovely people need to get stuff to me to fix," day, and although a few people came (more later to day as a matter of fact), man, do folks need stuff fixed! 

I've got a good 10+ hours of mending in the waits, and sewing is how I pay for dancing. 
*what I wore dancing to see my friends band*

Yay, Air Raid Pictures!! (and men's suit alteration)

Finally I got the videos and the pictures of the suit!
First things first, the rest of the tailoring info.

As I undid the previous mending on the seat of the slacks, I paid extra close attention to matching. My main match was the seam that was from the waistline to the seat. Sure, it caused the pinstripes to me slightly mismatched, but that was from the original cut, there is nothing that can be done for that.

Testing my new photo backdrop

Happy Saturday one and all. 

I am finally getting tons of stuff together. I know I have been saying that for ages, but I mean it. I'm sewing, and setting in and getting it all up and up. I've put up more photos of family. Yes, that is my mother, brother and me.

February Pattern Showcase!!

Good morning ladies and germs!
This past month in pattern shopping was precise and very splurgy. 
I got some good things! Here are a few.

My new most expensive pattern.
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