Goodbye 2014, and fuck you.

Hello lovely people.

I sat down to write this as another year end review I always do on the blog. I was looking through some of the past posts and saw how little I posted this past year. Compared to the fervor of previous years, this one was aggressively sparse.

That was not because of lack of desire or projects or interest, I assure you. I had all of those things, and more, but like so much in this past year, nothing came to fruition.

2014 was an amazingly difficult year for me, as you all may remember in my last year review, I was saying pretty much the same thing. It was tough, with no end in sight, and it seems to be that way now as 2014 ends and 2015 begins.

I'm not writing this for platitudes of, "Keep trying," or, "It will get better." I'm too pragmatic for that stuff. I know what I'm doing and I know how hard I try, it just seems that for not only me, but a lot of people I know, it was a shit year with no rebounding yet in sight.

There was very little to be optimistic about, truthfully. My job prospects were few and far between. I nearly lost my apartment about 4 times. My Etsy sales were abysmal, I'd like to take Brian to the vet, and I can't afford the dentist right now. All in all it's been royally craptacular.

I'm sure people will say you should be in a better mindset or you won't get any positive stuff coming your way. Blah Blah Blah. At this point I guess it's what do I do, right? Well, what else can I do but what I'm doing. I just feel I'm running out of time.

I honestly wish I had a life line or something. An 'in' somewhere or something. I have no connections and even the one's I've tried to make have failed. I've never been very good at that stuff.

It's been an exhausting year. One of the worst of my adult life, and yeah, I know the whole, "It could have been worse," route. I've always hated it when people say that. As if that negates the other person's hardships...but I digress.

I do miss sewing regularly, though. I plan on getting back into it. I need more dresses, that's for sure. I also need to make some jeans, and go hiking more. SO much I need to do, but finding steady employment is first and looking at the bottom of dried up wells for that water has all but failed.

My only bright spot has been Vintageville. I do love working on that thing. I love it, publishers don't, I've been trying. Apparently a comic about a fat black girl with no superpowers isn't very sellable. Go figure :) That's the story of my life, really.

I don't really know how to end this other than I'll post more in 2015. I want to post more. I just ask that you all support it. If you can share the content, re-post and just tell people about it. That's it. That's the price. It's not too much, I don't think.

Bye :)

MnM 2014: 1930s inspired pajama set

Hello lovely people.

I have to say, this has been and is, one of the most productive MnMs I've done. And the proof is my current pajama set, with a '30s inspired flair. The style of these jimjams are from two or my repro patterns. Making adaptations to the patterns was really easy.

MnM 2014: Plaid pajamas completion

Hello lovely people. 
How is your MnM going? Good, I hope. Mine is pretty lively, and nearly complete. I've made two side pairs of pajama pants, and now, I present to you the lovely completion for the great pink plaid pants I made.

MnM 2014: Plaid pants complete!

Hello lovely people. 
As I type this, I'm wearing my lovely brown/pink/powder blue jimjam pants. They fit great! But first, some progress info.

MnM 2014: Plaid is the new relax (whatever that means)

Hello, lovely people.

I spent all morning cleaning the apartment. Mopping and throwing away the last of the cat things that could be thrown away. The place seems a bit empty without a bit of fur running around.

In Memoriam

9 homes/apartments
3 states
two schools
3 dogs
countless other life changes
He was there.

Said good bye to my longest male relationship yesterday.
My cat, Brasco was 17. I'd had him for over 15 years, nearly half my life.
He had a good run. Gonna miss you, big guy.

MnM 2014: Gathering supplies

Hello lovely people.

Hope you all are doing good. It's been a crazy time for me this year with this month culminating as probably the worst. I hope it ends soon.

Because I stay home so much I tend to sit around the house in my lounge gear. Cotton flannel pants and sometimes matching jackets/shirts because they are comfortable and appropriate enough if I need to walk the pooch down the block for walkies.

Catalog Sunday: Loungewear Edition

Didn't post a CS last Sunday so I have a huge one this Sunday from my mid 1930s Chicago Mail orders. Getting ready to lounge!


Garment Restoration: 1920s Halloween Dress

Good morning lovely people. Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I'm scrambling to get money together and I'm sure you all know how that is. 

As such, I'm having a fire sale in my etsy store, primarily on clothing. Lots of dresses marked down over 50%. I will also be listing many more vintage patterns over the week. I need to get $500 together by Monday. If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Tips to make you a quality sewer.

I was asked to be a contributor to the plus size blog, The Curvy Sewing Collective.
Here is my cross post.

Hello lovely people.

You know over the years I have primarily focused my skill set on vintage sewing and all the tips and tricks that sewing 'old school' can offer. Paying attention to detail, taking your time, and just feeling out the quality of your work is a given. Often we find ourselves so hyped up in finishing our projects that we don't take the time to, 'smell the roses' of the progress. It is often that progress, or journey, that lends itself to great discoveries in how you go about doing your sewing.

Hair Post 2014: Hair foolery pt 2

I got some hot sticks about two years ago from a beauty swap that I never used. I had some old products in my cabinet that I haven't used in a long time so I decided to play with my hair, something I really don't do.

I wanted to see how my hair would react to the heat and which product would be best. I've hot pressed my hair before, I just don't like using too much heat on it as I'm pretty content with how it acts naturally.

Hair Post 2014: Hair foolery pt 1

Hello lovely people.

I get messages from time to time - Which reminds me, should I do a Q&A?
If so, send me messages via email or Facebook. :)

The Ultimate Vintage Notion Find! UPDATED!

Hello lovely people. 
Yesterday Brian and I made our pilgrimage to the Observatory. He met tons of doggies and had a great time. Afterwards I gussied up in one of my dresses and went to Playclothes to pick up some repairs.

Upcoming projects.

Hello lovely people.

I spent yesterday cleaning and rearranging my work areas as I prepare for a week of work.

Vintageville will be back next Tuesday!

Yes, it's true. The outlines for a good 4 or five episodes have been sitting on my drawing table ever since I took that brake weeks ago. I just fell into a slump. A depression state, and had no motivation. Slowly I'm crawling myself out of it, and one thing I missed was working on Vintageville.

More awesome Playclothes repairs!

Hello everyone!
It has been a crazy few weeks for me. I have a cough (congested throat that may be a sinus infection) that I've had flair up for over a week. I hope it will go away in a bit.
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