Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can I make a tailored jacket in a week?

So I got this tweed awhile ago and I've wanted to make something from it for a time. At first I thought I only had enough for a skirt, but I decided to do a quickie lay out of my repro pattern and I was happy to discover I have enough in spades!

The thing is, I want to make it to wear to a social gathering a week from now.

The other thing is, my freelance gig is really hitting high gear and I don't know if I'll have the time to sit down and work on this jacket. But who said I wasn't a glutton for punishment? Hell, I'm writing this post at 5 am and I haven't even gone to sleep yet!

I think Ill give it a shot. The weather is getting cold, sans the 90 degree temp we are expecting for today, and I've wanted to use my coat making guide as reference for the longest time!

So what the hay!

On another note, I laundered all that vintage rayon I got.

It took well to a bucket soak. It was filthy and only one piece ran.
It was the red flowers from the I believe 30s rayon.

I was kinda bummed because it dimmed the crisp white of the flowers in the print.

But hey, what you gonna do, right? It happens and the fabric is still completely usable so I'm not too down about it.

Well thats it from me, I think i need to go to bed now. I have a long day, today.


casey said...

What do you like to soak your vintage rayon in? I've used various soaps over the years with mixed results and would love to know what you use! :)

Good luck on your jacket project!

♥ Casey | blog

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

You are amazing and I have full faith in your ability to get this done.

NewVintageLady said...

I generally soak in Woolite but I ran out so I used my normal detergent.

It worked fine.

casey said...

Thanks for the reply, NVL! :) I've been having mixed results with Woolite and vintage rayon lately, but I'm starting to suspect the hard water may be the culprit, not the Woolite...

♥ Casey | blog

Tickety Boo Tupney - A Dash OF Worcester Sauce. said...

Wow, it sounds like a great night out. I absolutely adore tweeds, so would probably try to wear it all at once, with every risk of over heating and looking extremely odd.
Good luck with the sewing and I’m sure you will succeed in getting it done in time!

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