Friday, March 4, 2011

March is Man Month on NVL!!

Hi everyone! I'm back from my blogging brake!
It was nice. I totally needed to step away for a while, work on some other projects.

I organized my fabric closet and found I had tons more room than I ever thought.

I made two pairs of jeans, one which is listed in my etsy store.

I got new thread!
Yes I am a dork that would totally get excited about new thread.

I've been working on my dancing and been going out weekly to practice, I rooted through my closet looking through my clothes to see which ones are going to stay and which ones are going to go, and I did some non vintage stuff like character designs and learning some computer programs. I am well on my way to completing another of my New Years goals.

I wasn't the only one who took a brake. Our dear lovely The Lady decided to go on a cruise, a vintage cartoons singles cruise (don't judge). She had a marvelous time and was apparently quite the celebrity. Was even asked for an autograph or two, at least that's what she tells me.

As you can see on her little adventure she met herself a Fella. Quite a tall drink of water, isn't he? He's totally smitten, very cordial, Southern, and very good to The Lady. He's also a huge D&D nerd, but she's willing to look past that. She keeps saying I'll like him, but I don't know. It will take more than a pretty face and excellent taste in clothing to win me over.

And that's when the idea came.

There are tons of blogs out there for men, even a few for vintage men, but I'm a gal, and I figured in my own humble little way I could contribute to that pool of knowledge. So I'm dedicating this month to the fairer sex.

I've got tons of stuff planned for you, fellas. Lots and LOTS of images of some of the most amazing clothing. Get ready to be blown away by Catalog Sundays. I've also got a few sewing projects lined up. I'll be making a pair of mens boxers from my 40s reproduction pattern,

A 30s tailored shirt,

and a treat for me actually, I'm copying an amazing British WWI cap for a friend of mine.

Also, to help me in this journey, I've asked a couple of my vintage man friends to do some guest contributions. It should be fun hearing what they have to say. But it all wouldn't be complete unless we had some proper behavior modification to go with out vintage transformation, er...experience. I'll be posting excerpts from my 1938 manners handbook, 'Manners for Moderns'.

Plus some man related odds and ends as the month progresses.

Oh man! Thats a lot. See what I do for you, fellas! Actually you should thank 'The Lady'. She can be quite the nag, um...persistant, when it comes to getting what she wants. So tell a friend, and stay tuned for a testosterone filled twenty-seven days.

And with that I will leave you with The Lady's favorite song.

Take us home, Miss Simone!


Eva said...

I really ought to buy those trousers, because I have a high hip and a very long measurement from crotch to waist so if they fit you they ought to fit me perfectly.

Having got into the personal issues of body shape I wonder if your own patterns are made so that they fit you or just graded standard vintage patterns? I would, for obvious reasons, so prefer the former ;)

Shelleyj said...

By own patterns, do you mean the ones I make for myself or my reproductions?

The patterns I sew for myself I alter to fit me. Im a hard fit, Im starting to realize and its such a fight sometimes. The repros are straight from the originals.

Aubrey Silver said...

But... but... but... new thread is amazing!

Can't wait for Marvelous March's Month of Men, sounds like it's going to be a real treat!

Ms Sew-n-Sew said...

I'm with you on the Guttermans - it's absolutely the best! 'tall drink of water' - what a wonderful expression, i've never heard that used in the UK! I'm going to be giggling about that all night.

Lisette said...

This should be good! I've been nagging my boyfriend about being more interested in vintage dressing. I recently bought him a very snazzy blue double breasted suit with shiny olive green lining and a great mint-condition vintage coat with furry collar, probably from the 40s or 50s, also with an olive green lining. Oh yes, there will be photos! The best part? They were both under $10!
But anyways, enough about me. I can't believe you're done with your break already! And on top of it all you managed to find a gentleman for yourself. Congratulations! I'm so stoked for your man month.

Shelleyj said...

Well I didn't find a guy, my cartoon persona did :) Shes pretty happy with him...for now ;)

Nathalie said...

What a dashing couple! And I do love that WWI hat. How do you manage to copy something that's so 3D? Must be quite tricky, but you do seem to have a knack for hats!

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