Monday, March 31, 2014

Playclothes repair showcase!!

Hello everyone.
As I get back into sewing more, I'd thought I'd start showing you more of the garments I repair for Playclothes Vintage. I continue to do a lot of repairs for them from the 1800s to the late 60s. It's quite amazing seeing all the garments that come through their doors.

This late 50s skirt is one of those painted fabric with a lot of lovely sequins. I love this fabric and wish it were in my size. It's near circle, but not quite. The hem is what needs to be repaired, so I have to press it then hand stitch, but I need to be careful of heat so I don't damage the sequins or the paint.

This is a lovely polly knit paisley from the 1960s. Its a cute winter dress and can't you just see it with some pink tights?

I went to pick this up when the store was gathering items for the wardrobe department for Mad Men. They lease a lot of clothing from Playclothes.

Below is a lovely sequins bolero from most likely the late 40s. Don't get these sequins heated, or you might die from the fumes HA!

If you look closely, you can se a lovely vine pattern to the sequins (below on the inside of the jacket). 

There is a pattern to the sequins  but it does not translate too well to the outside. You have to realllllly be looking for it. Let's face it, that's too much sparkle to see anything else.

This one below is the one that made me say, 'oh wow,' when I picked it up.

Pattern collectors will know what this is.

This is my first Vogue special design I've seen made from that time in as good a shape as this one. 
Pattern people, can you tell me which pattern this may be?

The dress is a pieced circle skirt. The fabric is a lovely lace with a complete built in underdress. Plus it has it's original belt in good shape!

There is one more thing. The lace skirt has a netting beneath it. The drew is pretty heavy, and I'm sure a petticoat would have been worn with it. It's just lovely and whoever made it knew what they were doing. Perhaps a prom dress?

I'm repairing some underarm damage. It's minor, so it will be back at the store soon. 

That's about it for now. I do plan to get back into the blog and sewing more. Please bear with me. Alright lovely people, have a great day!


Peter Lappin said...

Wow, great clothes! Love all those sequins!

Donna Jones said... I'm pretty sure the pattern for the pink lace dress was probably this one. Vogue 4544. If I remember correctly, this one was also one of the 'Vintage Vogue' reissues. Hope this helps!

Shelley J said...

Wow Donna, I'm pretty sure you nailed it.

Claire Gawne said...

Damn someone beat me too it! I have the reissued 'Vintage Vogue" version of that dress and I've made it a couple of times, it's great!

Stitch Nerd said...

I want that sequins jacket!

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