Friday, April 18, 2014

Lovely mending and random stuff

Hi everyone!

It's me, trying to get back into regular blogging. I have just been in a funk. Still no regular job, or steady income, so I'm just trying not to hit the brick wall as I scam my way through (don't forget to support my easy store-shameless plug!!). Hate it, but I'm not alone.

In the interim, I'm still sewing for Playclothes. I have just finished a slew of mending, everything from zippers to holes to seam repairs to hemming.

One of the repairs was this lovely late 50s gown. It had a big hole in the train and I had to cut off a few inches and hem it. Not its ready to be worn.

I also got to work on a really cool skirt. Some sort of macrame knit type thing. It's plastic and if you know what this material is or the height of it's fashion relevance, please let me know.

The waist had been really worn and there was an attempt to repair it, but it was done poorly. I added some ribbon to the inside of the remaining band and presto, its ready for wear.

As I was returning the mended garments, I was told that Playclothes reintroduced their 'inspiration' rack. It's a graveyard rack of garments that are far beyond repair. I took a look and found a dress that I had my eye on last time I was in the store.

This late 50s dress is hand made with a lovely 4 color metallic painted print. Last time I was in the store, I saw this dress on their recently tried on rack, and I looked at it and found these holes at the waist.

Apparently the someone who had just tried on the dress tore it and didn't say anything! How rude! It was beyond repair, but I did wonder what the store was going to do with it. To my benefit I found it on the inspiration rack and now it is mine.

It is graveyard, that's for sure, but it was a really well made dress. There is piping on the neckline, which is faced, and the hem is hand tacked. The zipper is sewn in very nicely and the fabric is quite stable, so whomever tried this on really, really pushed it. I just love the colors and the slight metallic sheen of the print. It's going to make a great skirt.

I'm really getting into painted fabrics lately. Thinking about making my own. I'll have to look into it…

On another, sadder note, Onda and Ned have broken up.

He was becoming inattentive, and just stood in the corner like a piece of furniture. So, he finally left. In truth, I didn't use him enough to justify the space he was taking up, so it was time to let him go. My friend took him back to his shop. Onda seems to be cool with it. I haven't heard any regret of the brake up from her. She's a strong woman.

I'm really trying to get back into sewing, but my body is still changing. Right now my stomach is doing that 'up and in' thing, and even with the hikes and the eating right, currently my was it is larger than it was because of the body changes. But I know it's transition, so I just have to keep at it.

I'll talk to you all soon!


Gail Ann Thompson said...

I'm SO glad, you will be able to rescue this fabric and transform it into a skirt.
On another note, a very talented friend of mine, has a similar out of work status to yours. She has, recently, been able to cobble together a small jam, jelly, preserves business..
I tried to encourage her, to make up some, very simply shaped, natural fiber blouses, dresses, skirts, hand painted with original designs, and to offer them for sale at the best of the local farmer's markets. I now offer that very same suggestion to you.

Connie Turner said...

Love that painted fabric, it will make a beautiful skirt. Give Brian a sweet ear rub for me. Keep on keepin on.

Living Vintage said...

I have also been thinking of dabbling in painting some of my own fabrics. I know has posted about painting on fabrics. I would love to see what you come up with. Something like those leaves would be great for printing on the fabric which I have thought of doing also.

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