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A Day of Vintage Beauty

Hello lovely people.

This past weekend I indulged in a great event at the classic Egyptian Theater right here in good old Los Angeles. 1930s Vintage Glamour Day: Makeup, Fashion & Film was a day to celebrate the make up of old Hollywood and how it all began for film. Now, I'm a gal who is not a big make up person, or a big Hollywood history buff, but going out and seeing history, that's my thang.

I decided to be casual 40s for the event and got lots of compliments on my dress.
The even was fun, and jam packed with displays, fashion, and a lot of beauty items from the 30s. There was a display of vintage creams and beauty items that was so cool.

On top of that, Gabriela A. Hernandez, CEO of B├ęsame Cosmetics did an hour presentation of the start of color films and the role make up played including the revolutionary pancake make up and how that revolutionized the consumer make up market. It was a nice presentation.

From there we indulged in a vintage fashion show where the models wore items from their own collections. It was cool seeing so many of my friends showing off their styles.

From there they showed a great 1937 film, Vogues of 1938, which was just a giant Vogue commercial. SO many fashions, SO many set pieces. It was a pretty cute movie.

After that, in the lobby, 1930s actress Marsha Hunt was signing copies of her book, The Way We Wore. I didn't buy the book, but if I ever get it in my collection, I'm sure it will be worth it.

All in all it was a great day of history, fashion and glamor. I'm glad I went.

What Hollywood look or star's style do you envy the most?

Have a great day!


  1. Oh this looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, this must have been such fun! Good photos—looks like you had a great seat from which to see all the action!


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