Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hair Post 2014: Hair foolery pt 2

I got some hot sticks about two years ago from a beauty swap that I never used. I had some old products in my cabinet that I haven't used in a long time so I decided to play with my hair, something I really don't do.

I wanted to see how my hair would react to the heat and which product would be best. I've hot pressed my hair before, I just don't like using too much heat on it as I'm pretty content with how it acts naturally.

I sectioned off part of my head: One for the Dove, one for the shea butter, and one for untreated.
I didn't have enough hot sticks for my entire head, so I just did my front.

I'd used the Dove anti frizz early on with my hair but found that it didn't do too much and left a film on my hair so I gradually phased out of it. The shea butter I got from the beauty swap but never really liked as it made my hair just tacky and stiff.

Here I am with all the hot sticks in. The poof in the back is the back of my head, exempt from this experiment. After leaving the stick in for 15 minutes, I took them out.

Hot sticks out!

This is the Dove anti frizz side. Its soft and the curls were nice but I could feel the shelf life on this an hour or so, tops.

This is the shea butter side. It was real uneventful and started to frizz right after I undid the hot sticks.

And lastly, that mess in the back is my hair with no product on it. Yeah, it did its own thing after I unwrapped it.

It took me about t 15 minutes to do those parts of my head, another 15 to wait and about 5 minutes to take it all out. So not worth it. I'll stick to my finger styling and such.

Soon, part 3: Buns and rats!

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