Thursday, October 30, 2014

MnM 2014: Plaid pants complete!

Hello lovely people. 
As I type this, I'm wearing my lovely brown/pink/powder blue jimjam pants. They fit great! But first, some progress info.

In the true fashion of make and mend, I rummaged through some remnants of project's past and found quite a few yards of bias tape I made some time ago. Hey! This would be perfect of the drawstring waist!

As I was ironing out the side seams, I was lamenting trying on the pants to get the hem I wanted. I'm always bad at pant leg hems, and that's when it came to me. I laid a pair of sleep pants I previously made over these and presto, my desired length. Don't asks me why I didn't think of that sooner. Some parts of my brain go away when I sew.

I had cut these short, but they were a bit too short so I needed to lengthen them by about 2". I found some powder pink linen straps I made and had enough to create as a trim for these pants.

Opened the inside side seam and sewed the linen around the bottom.

Even folded the bottom edge under a bit. It's the little things.

Sooooooooo comfortable. Perfect length and will wear so well. Took about a third of a day. Yes!
Now, onto the bed jacket.

More tomorrow.
Have a great day!!


Little Black Car said...

That is fantastic fabric! I love a good plaid.

Ette Ett said...

Beautiful fabric. And with the temperature dropping a little more each day, long pants to tuck oneself in on the sofa are what the world needs :-)

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