Friday, January 16, 2015

Day Project: Shoe Hack

Hello lovely people.

Got a quick post today as I work on my continuing foundation garment post.

I purchased these shoes from Old Pueblo Traders where they were on clearance of $20. Now, shoes from OPT can either be great, or crappy. These were in the middle. Because of the price, it wasn't worth it to return them, something I often find with shoes from there. I could write a whole screed about my experiences from there but I keep going back because they have a grand variety of old lady shoes which are a good substitute for vintage styles.

The reason I wished to return them was the way they were constructed. There is a more than comfortable gape at the top side of the shoe. It's a flaw in the design, I'm sure, and most likely created from the piping.

In any account, looking at the shoe, I thought I if I added an extra set of holes in the shoe, I could perhaps tie them tighter and close that gape.

SO that's what I did.

I cut the shoe string holes a bit larger with an exact knife, and then put in grommets. The only color I had that worked with the gray shoes and I had enough of were the blue.

I think it works!

The result in the gape is a bit better. Perhaps when I give the shoes a good long wear they will settle.
We will see because I miss dressing up. I miss being girlie and doing my hair. Still working on a place to go so I can dress up.

Also in other news, Issue 49 of Vintageville will be out next Tuesday, and Volume 2 of the collection will hopefully be out next week as well. Volume 1 is already available for those who want to help support indie comics!! W00T!

Okay lovelies, I'll chat with you soon!

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Little Black Car said...

Ah, I so hope those work out for you, because they're adorable apart from their fit issues, and they look comfortable. I've managed to score a couple of gently-used, mid-heeled, oxfords from various places and I love them.

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