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Day project, A-Shirts of her.

Hello lovely people.
I feel so accomplished. I can't tell you how elated I am that my sewing area is clean.
Check it, I finally got to do this!

I was able to add a shelf on wheels where I can hang and store all of my fixes and alterations. I have the clothes that I alter for Playclothes, the garments I've made in the past that need fixing, and things I sew for other people all in one place. This is huge for me. Seeing all the many, many, many things that I need to fix makes me realize where to place my focus.

Part of that focus is working on projects that I've had on the back burner for ever. When I dyed all those underthings, I remembered something I want to make for myself for a while. Now that it's getting warmer, and I remembered the fabric I had, I went on and whipped up a pattern.

As you know, I am militant about my under things (tee hee) and I wear a couple layers pretty much all the time. Now that the weather is getting in the 80s there (sorry rest of the country) I'm wanting something breathable and comfy to wear under my clothes.

I used to wear A-Shirts all the time, but the ribbed fabric was just too light for me. Then, I got one of those sheet sets made of cotton jersey, you know…I thought this would be great fabric to re-use.

Using my slopers, I made a quick pattern.

Sewing knit jersey was something I didn't experiment with much. I can do it on my serger, but I didn't want to add two more needles and spend 45 minutes noodeling with tension, so I just finally used the stretch stitch on my machine the way it was intended. I know, I'm slow.

From cut to finish it took about 45 minutes. I. Am. Obsessed.

I think I'll get about 5 out of that one queen size sheet. That should be plenty. They are really comfy, breathable and the fabric is thick enough to feel like something.

I'm really getting into sewing with jersey. I like it and if I keep it up, I MAY noodle around on my serger and get it humming...maybe...

I love small projects like these. They are empowering for when I can't find exactly what I want, I can make it. Okay, I am so done with talking about my under pinnies :)

I'm working on Vintageville and it will be up later this week.
Have a great day!


  1. I recently used the knit jersey to make a bunch of kwik sew panties and used a thick cotton tee for the crotch lining. I have a kwik sew slip type cami tank that I need to test sew so thanks for the post. My underwear from the knit sheet was so great I made a dozen more. They were far better than any I have ever bought so I will stockpile lots of these cotton knit sheets. I had gotten some for making knit test sews and maybe gowns . I will be using lots of this and definitely could use some of the tops like you made for winter wear.

  2. Oh I just use the machine too for the underwear. No sense in fiddling with the serger or coverstitch threading for a couple of side seams since it doesn't ravel. I use a narrow zz for construction then a wide one and the scissors on the couple of side seams.

  3. I need to start thinking outside of the box for fabric sources. Great ideas.

  4. Im really big on reusing fabrics and seeing that huge mend and alteration pile, especially all in one place, made me realize I need to do more reusing.

  5. Funny, I hate sleeping on the jersey sheets, but they are an endless source of underwear (call them tanks around here). And there are LOTS of them at the thrift store, so it's all new matching tanks and underpants. Matching!


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