Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day Projects: Odds and Ends

Good morning lovely people.
Brain took over the bed, as usual, so I had to get up and do stuff.

I hope you all have been well. I'm doing okay. Still busy getting work. I'm wiring on a potential freelance job that could be long term, so with me luck on that.

I've been fixing small things in my home, getting odds and ends situated.

Added a butting card to my collection of men smoking on button cards.

Also got and put up a new shadow box for my collection spillover. I now have 22 :)

I made a new skirt for my makeshift vanity. I was gonna dye the white but I got lazy.

I also acquired some lovely albeit controversial vintage fabric.

Cotton and sharecroppers. I have about 6 yards of this cotton rayon blend and I'm planning to make a blouse with it.

I also did another shoe hack. I got these cotton mary janes a little while ago, but I wanted to alter them.

I cut off the bias trim and cut down the shoe.

After that I sewed the altered trim back on and presto, I have slip on shoes!
These are the most comfortable shoes I've bought in a long time. They won't last a super long time because they are just pieces of cotton, but for summer, they are breathable and will be painted fun colors.

The before and after.

I recently purged my shoe closet of all the raggedy and worn shoes and now I'm working in some every day skimmers and such. It's something to do.

Okay lovely people, as my work schedule begins to normalize, I'm going to be doing more sewing for me. I've got a dress I want to make and more alterations I want to do so stay tuned for those.

Okay, have a great day!!

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