Monday, September 14, 2015

My repro line is going PDF!

To cut down on costs, paper, shipping and a whole host of other stresses, I'm converting my current pattern line into print at home PDF files available in my ETSY store. Right now I have  two available and more this week.

There are no plans for multi-sizing right now, but in the distant future…perhaps. 

But if you are interested in a pattern now, let me know and I'll move it to the top of the conversion list.



Robin said...

Great News!!

greenhillsinapril said...

Oh, this is so exciting. I love PDF patterns, even though some of them take a lot of paper. :)

Helen Keyes said...

That's the best news I've read today. In a few minutes, I'll visit your website and put the PDF files on my cart.

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Tee Jay Generalao said...

Goodnews to everyone PDF patterns <3 <3 Thanks

kyle gascon said...

now thats a really classy pants

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