Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Kickstarter campaign relaunched.

Hello lovely people. Either I really believe in this project, or I'm just asking for it. Wither way, I've relaunched my multi-sizing campaign on kickstarter and need backers as well as people to share the campaign.

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Two major things that have happened from the last campaign are I was able to get a new printer and it's reduced the prices of the paper patterns by $5. The new price is reflected in the reward pledges.

Also, I extended the length of this campaign. It runs...UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! Yeah! You heard it. This big gamble ends on my birthday!

So if you were a backer of the last one, got notice a bit too late, or were thinking about backing it, here is the second chance. I could really use your support.



Rie said...

Awesome to see it back up & running again but before I pledge, can you tell me if you are running it thru kickbooster as well, it's kinda like an affiliate program -

Shelley J said...

I am no. Ive been bombarded with SO MANY multi media campaigns. Im counting on my own reach and my awesome subscribers for this. Thanks!

Brianna Larkin said...

Thank you for redoing this! I was so broke the last couple months, but now I have some money coming in and I can get in on backing you too!

Shelley J said...

Yay, thanks so much for the support!

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