Sunday, December 11, 2016

Catalog Sunday

Last couple of days remain for my Kickstarter Campaign!
So close to extended sizing! Lets make it happen!

Spiegel 1945


Valerie said...

I want a distinctive dressmaker suit--especially the one on the right!

KittyMeow said...

Hello! I really really love your Kickstarter project and I want to back you but I'm going to be that super annoying person and ask if you've considered extending sizing DOWN? I knoooow vintage patterns in small sizes are much more readily available but the repro market is still quite small and I love having access to more patterns that are not necessarily budget friendly to buy. Also, your aesthetic is very similar to mine - especially that stunning wrap dress of yours.
THAT SAID - I am completely and totally understanding if this hasn't even crossed your mind or you read my comment and thought "No way girl!" I just thought I'd put it out there! Anywho - keep up the good work and its amazing to see your project has been funded! If you ever need to farm off any Illustrator/Photoshop work let me know cos I am in the biz too and always happy to help :-D
Ciao for now!

Shelley J said...

Hey Kitty,

Thanks for the feedback.
One side wants larger, and one side wants smaller sizing. Its always that way.

That said, there are way, way more sizing options available for the under 40 bust set than the over 50 bust set. Always has been, always will be.

The plus size market is grossly underserved, and though its challenging, I want to offer that option to people who often feel left out of fashion altogether.

Some straight size pattern makers might up their line to 42 bust, but there are none dedicated to solely plus size. That has been my goal since I started New Vintage Lady.

I do hope you will back the campaign, I would really appreciate the extra support.


KittyMeow said...

Hi Shelley! I totally understand and thank you for replying! I will see if I can back you anyway just to help out :-D

Shelley J said...


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