Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I need 3 sewers.

Attention lovely people.
I need 3 experienced sewers to do testing for me on my pattern, The Shelley.
I'm working on the grading now, but I want to get some people to sew a bare bones version of it to see how my grading is. You know the drill. Looking for people as CLOSE to my sizing chart as possible.
Need a 40-42 bust, a 50 bust and a 58-60 bust. Ill mail you a rough pattern and email the instructions. Would appreciate a simple mock up of the pattern in a week from getting it. Ill have oodles of questions!
If interested, please email me at contact(at)newvintagelady(dot)com and tell me what size range you want to try. First come first served.

Id totally appreciate the help.


Neefer said...

I wish I could commit to it. I don't think I'd be timely in getting it done. However, if you are desperate, my high bust is 41 inches. I always need to do an FBA, so I don't know my full bust. I trace the pattern and then add the difference.

I am very much looking forward to the patterns.

Futuralon said...

Direct link to size chart?

Blacey said...

Did you get someone? My bust is 51 if you haven't

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