Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catalog Sunday

Today I have hats from Sears fall/winter, 1941.


Lisette said...

I LOVE hats. Why can't millinery be a viable career option anymore?

Jane said...

I wish hats were still in fashion. They were such nice feminine things. And gloves too! Now days when you wear anything besides a baseball cap(yuck!) people look at you like you escaped from the looney bin. Well, at least in the rural area I live in!

ROBIN said...

I noticed Sears used a few 'mature' models. My, how times have changed. I remember watching my mother, aunts, and grandmother getting dressed for church and other affairs. They felt they were not fully dressed without their hats, gloves and pearls. My mom is 75 and still wears hats, gloves, and pearls. I remember her saying once 'this is what a lady does'. To all you 'ladies' out there -- keep it going!

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