Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer cleaning is the same as Spring cleaning, isn't it?

Hello lovely people.
It's finally summer...yay!
Time for BBQs, beach ball and booze. Well, not like you *need* a sessional change to enjoy those things, especially if you live in California. Okay, I won't rub it in.

But for a lot of people all over the world the weather is nice and bright and new. What do you do on those first few days, why mop the floor, what else!?

Oh wait, that's what I do.

Normal people wash their dog. Wait. I did that too.

Yes, the spring cleaning bug got me late. I've always been a late bloomer. Fully embrace it, too. I do everything late in life, it's just my thang.

I have to mop quite often. Its the product of having a slobbery dog. Oh Brian, Brian. Yet, when I do a massive cleaning (dusting, washing rugs, mopping) I seem to always skip my sewing area in lieu of the newly pristine dwelling I've just created. Yeah, I get caught up.

But this weekend was different, I guess. I was feeling nagged by the bunches of ill kept patterns that I've just been shoving into their storage boxes. It was making me feel dirty. Same reason I sorted out my closets a few weeks ago. I like knowing my stored items are organized too.

I'm a few boxes in to this sorting, but looking back through my collection has brought up a lot of fond memories. It's nice. Seeing forgotten gems:

The "Oh, I was gonna make that":

The pattern you hunted for:

The rare find(s):

The unique and interesting:

The 'maybe repro':

And all those in between.

Its fun. I'm getting so many ideas for new projects and seeing where I want to go with the patterns I have and not by hunting down some 'new' design.

Let's face it, now is a really shitty time to start collecting patterns. They are either way too small, in bad condition, or some one wants $80 for a 40s dress. Dude, you crazy! So memories of my primer days of pattern collecting are always welcome.

I'm going to be sewing more, I really am. Just been in a rut recently. Perhaps with the Summer here, and this being California, I'll stick at home because of the heat. Hehe, no better reason to sew than not wanting to go into the sweltering sunshine. Am I right!?

Okay, have a great day!


motorharp said...

I am completely drooling over your pattern collection!

Debra said...

i love what you have here! this is my first time reading your blog and i really enjoy it! however - unlike you....i save my spring cleaning until winter. i also live in california (down in the sunny south) and i find myself staring out my sewing room window at the flowers and trees and birds, etc. OR hitting the beach on these warmer days. thanks for sharing all you do and i look forward to more of what you create!

eileensbasement said...

I was in a sewing rut too, until summer came around and I think I'm coming out of it. I amazingly whipped up a blouse in three days (a record for me) and I'm set to make another! You'll get there.

Lily said...

Add me to the list of folks jealous over your collection. :)

Donna said...

Your pattern collection is making me drool, but I still feel I'm doing pretty good with patterns on Ebay. My general limit is under 10.00 with my "I'm feeling like a can spend a little more" being under 15.00 and I'm doing okay on the 1940's patterns giving a range from 36" bust to 42" bust. It means I really have to spend a lot of time with general searches for the patterns that aren't well described or photographed, but occasionally I get lucky. 1930's patterns seem to be well out of my reach, I got lucky last year with an awesome Anne Adams 1930's pattern that had terrible photos and a minimal description, I was the only one that bid on it and much to my surprise one. I've already made two dresses from it. When I'm sitting up late at night just hanging out with myself I'll spend an hour or two searching through auctions and sometimes I find something really good.

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