Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's chat about the sew-along.

Hello lovely people.

Hope your week is going well. I've been busy these past couple of weeks. I have three current dress commissions. Whoa boy! I'm also working on Vintageville, which is getting really good feedback. Working on the comic is really fun, and I've got about 3 weeks planned in advanced.

I've also been working on some stories and some other sewing projects that are involved with the costuming side job I do. It looks as if that is going to branch into cosplay, as I know a LOT of cosplayers that seem to float in my circles.

But sewing vintage and my wardrobe is still at the front. And with that I must say how excited I am with this year's Make and Mend.

I got this group of linen feed sacks online for $20 a couple weeks ago. I'd been looking for some fabric of a decent weight to make some great skirts with the flush out my wardrobe. These are perfect. I want some solid color skirts, and I plan on dyeing these once they are made. Perfect.

Isn't this tweed-ish linen fantastic!?

I got started with it already :p

Also, I have this great tiki-esque shirt I got some years ago that never really fit too well, but I love the style. I'm going to make a pattern out of this and whip up a few shirts to, again, fill in my wardrobe. It fits too tight beneath the arms, but I just LOVE that neckline. Mmmm, boatneck. It will make a great pattern and I get to look through my fab buttons and vintage fabrics to see what would make good shirts. Squeee!

I also have some denim that's sitting in my closet that I really need to make some clamdiggers. 
I also plan on getting through my huge bucket of alteration and old projects and chip down that cluster as much as I can! -whew-

So as you can see, so much to be excited for. For those that are going to do the sew along, I've posted a few banners in the new Pinterest board I made.

I'd also LOVE to hear what you all are planning on working on. I love Make and Mend, I really do. Okay! Have a great day!


Kathryn said...

Hello, there! Longtime reader, just de-lurking, finally, to tell you that your tiki shirt is too glorious not to wear-why not put some gussets in under the arms?

Shelley J said...

I wear it on occasion: I wore it to Viva, but it's a very uncomfortable cut and I haven't found any fabric that matched the off black.

onlinephduk said...

I am glad to find out you are doing so great with work and well, you are one of the few people that enjoy their job that must be nice. I like this project; I can’t wait to see how those skirts turn out. Thank you for sharing.

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