Thursday, July 25, 2013

MnM 2013 project: Linen Feedsack Beret

Good morning lovely people!
I have a side note of a personal matter.

This past week Brian sprained his leg (most likely jumping off the bed) and has been a tripod all week. He went to the emergency vet, and he said to give it some time before you take him in. Right now he's on meds. I've scheduled a visit with his regular vet this Monday, so let's hope it's not too serious or too expensive...

Brian with a frozen pea bag compress :)

Okay! Let's get to sewing!
I've decided to start off the MnM with a beret. I think you all know how versed I am in making this 30's beret, and I just could not resist this great linen fabric I acquired.

I decided on some small details with this beret. No fancy adornment of a bow or ribbon on top. Just a clean simple light look. You know, a hat that could be worn in summer.

I stitched it with cotton thread and did a little contrast stitch when I was adding the ribbon to the edge.

The lining is a bit whimsical. I got this great cotton lawn with this adorable daisy pattern on it. I have enough yardage for a dress, and I'm thinking about that.

The linen drapes great and this will wear well when I want a bit of dress up or just a cover for my head when my hair is raggedy, which is often. Natural hair is high maintenance! Let me tell you!

Welp that's it for me today. I'm swamped with sewing. I have 3 dress commissions and a couple of costume projects being commissioned next week. Boy oh boy!

Okay, have a great day!


Kate said...

Hope Brian feels better soon!

Your hat looks really cute :) I love the lining fabric you used.

Mrs. S said...

Awww...pets for Brian. Hope he feels better soon! I love the lining on the beret. I love seeing outfits with bright, cheerful linings.

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about Brian's leg. He is sure to feel better soon with such good care!!
Your beret is cute. I especially like the colourful and pretty lining fabric you used. I look forward to seeing the dress you might make out of that delightful fabric!!

Kimberly said...

Awww... poor Brian!
I love the cotton print you've used as your lining & can't wait to see what else you make of it :)

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