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September Showcase

Good morning!
This past month I got some real neat deals on some cool things and I thought I'd share them with you.

I picked up this vintage lawn fabric. I'll wait until next summer to use it.

I picked up a few patterns this month. I'm kind of on a pattern drought, looking for cool things that I hope to add to my collection, but not too much this past month.

These Lane Bryant 30s oxfords I got for $25. The seller listed the box shoe size (14) instead of listing the inside shoe measurement and I got them for a song. They fit me great and I'm a 9 1/2-10. Yay!!

I also was able to get this for a deal, too. I was a HUGE MLP girl growing up (I still have over 100) and a bonus, it's a sewing machine!!! This one is unopened and I got it for $20. I saw a used one go for $50 on eBay a few months ago :)

Last but not least was a gift from a friend across the country. She found this late 50s ski suit and thought of me. I think its's a man's suit, so when I have it dry cleaned, I'll alter it to a more flattering shape.

That's about it for me this go round. Hope you all got some grand things last month as well.
I'll chat with you all later! Have a great Friday!


  1. So much cute stuff! I love the coat pattern. Great score on the shoes! Have a good weekend!

  2. Love the shoes AND that ski suit -- well done!

  3. Great pattern finds! Especially the coat pattern!

  4. Im thinking of doing a repro of the coat. I want to expand my 1900s patterns.


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