Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have stockings from Chicago Mail Order 1940/1941.

Don't these two above pages look like they should be images in romance serials!?


Robin said...

When I had 'graduated' from wearing little girl socks, I was finally allowed to wear stockings. This was the late 60's. I know, I'm showing my age. When pantyhose became popular, stockings were considered old-lady-ish. I still miss stockings--they are easier to wear and I love the lacey tops. I avoid pantyhose and wear knee and thigh highs occasionally. I enjoy wearing stockings--they make me feel lady-ish. :)

Jen said...

Robin is so right—stockings are much lovelier and more comfortable than nylons (which I flat-out refuse to wear). It surprises me that stockings are not more popular!

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