Saturday, May 24, 2014

1890s corset cover repair.

Hello lovely people.
Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been scrambling with so many other projects and just trying to stay afloat.

I haven't been sewing much for myself lately, but I have been doing a lot of mending, repairs, and sewing for others.

I will be posting a slew of vintage repairs that I have been doing for Playclothes, including sheering of some great Tiki dresses.

Right now I have this lovely antique corset cover that was in need of some delicate repairs.

It was given to a previous seamstress and as you can tell by the straps, the person was not very good at what they were doing. Who would sew with white thread, some crappy polly straps onto this beautiful thing?

The cotton lace of the cover was a bit weak, so I decided to extend the straps past the lace and attach it to the cotton piece (I forget the name) for more stability. I had to buy some matching silk for the new straps and I was getting all fancy and thinking of doing french seams on the straps but pulled back.

Woah, Shelley…you are paid by the hour and the thought of a folded over seam on a strap like that didn't sit too well with me.

Once the straps were finished, I looked over the piece and had stitched the flowers back on as well as a thread button loop in the back. I didn't replace the elastic along the bottom casing because, believe it or not, it still had quite a bit of give. Plus, I doubt that this thing will be worn. I could be, but it's so lovely I can see it as a display piece.

I do love giving new life to items like this. Mostly all they need is a bit of TLC and they are ready to go to a new owner.

Have a great Saturday!!


eileensbasement said...

Wow, the lace on that cover is something else! Thank goodness for folks like you who know how to fix 'em up correctly!

SJ Kurtz said...

More! More! Been dying to know how the Playclothes gig is going; they are lucky to have such a sewist as you on the job. And what a piece!

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