Saturday, May 31, 2014

Clothing Restoration: Shirring dress final

Here it is. A finished panel. Success.

After a lot of rotten thread, rotten elastic, and thread clippings, its done.
Both are done, and I was now able to put the dress together.

So I did. I messed up. Messed up big time. I was looking at the dress and realized I left out the two back panels right after I had sewn in the zipper! HA! Generally when I'm pleased with something (whether it be a sewing job or drawing) I then realize I did it wrong. I mean I can say, "Oh man, I really like that stitch." Oh! Its incorrect! Perhaps that's why.
Let's do this again….

There, that's better.

I am extremely proud of how this turned out.

Lookit that bust shelf! Fantastic!

Now that the elastic is in, the dress shapes up really well.

As for the sewn in straps, I took them and made a halter attachment. There were two button sewn into the bodice which suggest there was a strap, and there was. Looking at another dress of the exact same style (I'll post that later), there is a halter attachment so it was a good guess on my part.

This dress took all my thread elastic, so I had to buy more. Problem is, this thread elastic is crap! I did three lines of shirring on my next project and there is no pull. It's just not strong elastic, so I have to find some thats a bit meatier. 

So it's on to sewing me shirring in four other dresses. I think by time I finish this series of projects, I'll be over my shirring curiosity.

Have a great weekend!


SJ Kurtz said...

Schweet! NO idea on good elastic thread sources. There are moments when I wish I had a time machine simple to source better notions.

Shelley J said...

Gutterman makes some! In 4 colors, no less. I returned all that thread and they were having a sale on the Gutt thread buy 2 get one free! Squeeee!!

Andrea said...

That is an amazing transformation! I've never tackled shirring: it always seemed intimidating ... and that's to put *in*. If someone asked me to take some OUT I'd run away screaming.

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