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MnM 2014: 1930s inspired pajama set

Hello lovely people.

I have to say, this has been and is, one of the most productive MnMs I've done. And the proof is my current pajama set, with a '30s inspired flair. The style of these jimjams are from two or my repro patterns. Making adaptations to the patterns was really easy.

The fabric is a cool twill that I was saving for a dress for winter, but it's so soft and the pattern just reminds me of the style of lounge wear I've been posting in my Catalog Sundays that I had to just go for it.

I used the color blocks because I didn't have enough fabric for the entire set. I originally wanted the I think the color blocks break up the pattern nicely. Because of the colors, I had to use three different color threads!

The shirt fits big like the original 30s blouse.

The neckline is my favorite part. I'm getting better at making that placket. 

The details were not as time consuming as I thought they were to do.

These are going to be great when I'm watching tv shows and eating popcorn.

How is everyone coming along with their MnM?
Have a great day!


  1. Oh, that looks so cute on you! You are inspiring me to get away from my t-shirts and sweats. Good job!

  2. Those are pj's? They're so nice, I would wear those out of the house. Beautiful job, Shelley.

  3. These are just lovely. I especially like how the contrast tab almost looks like a necktie.


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