Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MnM 2014: Plaid pajamas completion

Hello lovely people. 
How is your MnM going? Good, I hope. Mine is pretty lively, and nearly complete. I've made two side pairs of pajama pants, and now, I present to you the lovely completion for the great pink plaid pants I made.

These pants are so comfortable (I'm wearing them right now).

Drunk me!!

The white twill has a bit of a stretch to it and is pretty stiff. I'm sure it will break in, but I fear wearing it too much because I'm sure it will get dirty pretty fast.

The belt is built into the top. I sewed it in the side seams on the front and on the right side.

I even bias cut the seam binding for that extra touch of awesome.

It's really comfortable and I really needed these garments.
Below is the second pair of jimjams. These are 1930's themed.

More to come.

Also, don't forget, I have listed some great vintage patterns in my Etsy store. Plus my repros! I'd appreciate any support you could give. It's been a really tough few months and I'd like to pay rent. :)

Alright lovely people, thanks and I'll see you soon.


Valerie said...

You look Awesome! Love all your details. Praying that things get better for you soon.

SJ Kurtz said...

Swell plaid bias trim! My loungewear issues have been dealt with, photos soon. What a great (and timely) idea for a MnM!

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