Sunday, June 28, 2015

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday, I have mid 1940s Lane Bryant.


SJ Kurtz said...

I am this shape now. I was smaller, thinner and that's over. I like to think of this as my Margaret Dumont phase, but essentially I am now box shaped. And these ladies are helping me figure out where I go with that. Thanks again, ladies!

liza cowan said...

these are great. I love your blog. Thank you.
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Judith Stansky said...

One thing I noticed was the number of forward shoulder lines in this week's pictures. I've found this feature most wearable and useful in preventing a unwelcome shift to the back in blouses and dresses. Hard to find in today's patterns, but some are easy to diy.

Shelley J said...

Shoulder yokes are the greatest thing ever for fit.
I love dresses with them.

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