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Catalog Sunday: Birthday Edition

Hi lovelies. This Catalog Sunday I thought I'd post some seriously coveted fashions by yours truly. If I had the time, means and place to wear these amazing pieces, I'd be all over that shit.

Lane Bryant 1931
All about details!

Brute Mode (1934-ish)

That suit and that coat. Enough said.

Mid 30s details were so intricate!

Lane Bryant 1932

Those two bottom outfits I Would wear to the bathroom and the laundromat just to get some wears in!

Lane Bryant 1932

Lane Bryant 1936

Chicago Mail Order 1938

Oh man, those HATS!

Lane Bryant 1938

Everything here, please.

Advance 1938

Chicago  Mail Order 1940

The coat is cute but I really just want a 40s Great Dane. :)

Lane Bryant 1940

Butterick 1941

For those days in-between :)

Yup, most stuff here would be my ideal wardrobe. I love it all.
Okay I'm off to drink beer. Have a great day!


  1. Seems like larger sized clothing then closely matched the clothing available in smaller sizes. Plus size rtw today is not even close to the classy and stylish offerings pictured here. Wish I had more time to sew.

  2. Me too: That suit! and I really want the 40's Great Dane. Thanks for sharing the lovelies.

  3. Ah, more hats! Between your repro patterns and a couple I have picked up, I think I have model P within my abilities. All I need is a windfall of rayon velvet, and I'm on my way.

    Thanks so much for these, and whenever your birthday is, the happiest one ever!


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