Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homemaking: Be your own Interior Decorator

Hello one and all!

Brian showing off the gift he got. A new dog tag!

I'm contemplating what I'm going to be sewing next. I'm pondering a garter belt and under garments, or blouses which I'm severely lacking, or doing another plain pattern project. In the interim, I'm always homemaking.

That poor lady sewed her dress to her slip cover!
It's amazing how many of these things I did without looking through the hints book. I'm so vintage!

I love those 3M adhesive hooks. They do make great on the fly curtain tie backs. I slanted these so that they would loop better.

No carpets in my home. Too much cat puke to clean up because they always find the rugs. So I try to neatly stow away the cables and such on the sides or behind furniture. This is the only outlet in the bedroom. Yay....

I've never tried this but if I decide to use a curtain again instead of just a liner (I like the open feel of it), I may try it.

Off to ponder what I'm going to sew next. have a great day!!


Foodycat said...

Putting those hooks at an angle is so clever!

ACM22 said...

Haha, while I have never sewn my dress into a slipcover, I have been known to sew my pants into various small sewing projects while they're on my lap, so I feel that woman's pain. What a great little book!

nurseknits said...

Brian looks like a whole different dog than when you first showed him to us. Now he looks like a regal man in a velvet suit!

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