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Viva! part 1: Arriving and unpacking

I'm back!
Hi everyone! I'm back from Viva, recovering, unpacking and getting sentences together of what I'm going to tell you all about my trip. 

The Rockabilly Weekender is from Thursday to Monday morning and for the most part it was filled with concerts, shopping, concerts, food, bowling, pools and socializing. Oh, did I mention drinking?

I had never been to Vegas before and the friends who picked me up were veterans of the event. They had been going for over 10 years (this was the 16th VLV). They picked me up in their van and it has plenty of room for my trunk, cooler and various odds and ends. This makes me realize I need luggage.

We left at about 4:30PM on Wed. and after a Jack in the Box stop, and some heavy traffic, we saw the bright lights of Vegas as we crossed the flat border. After my ears popped, I could enjoy it.

The Orleans hotel was a few blocks off 'The Strip', and it was already packed. People are coming very early, so much so, that there was a paid pre-party that Wed. night with a lot of good acts. It was $15, and after I took my stuff to my room (having your own room is awesome by the way), and my friends walking me around, and us getting our wrist band registration, we headed to the party.

I didn't do a wardrobe change that night. My hair was raggedy, I had just spend the car ride hemming pants and three dresses, and I had on no make up, but I went anyway.
There I met some nice people, most whose names I can't remember because it was loud smoky and dark. But I met some dancers and actually danced that night for the first time in nearly a year.
I danced with one guy, some various kind of brown, I could't tell which, but he was like a 50's Beau, and he was a cool dancer. Half way through the dance he switched to salsa, which I don't know, but I followed. It was fun. From another dance I even learned how to Jive. A rather repetitive dance that's very hard on your left leg and right arm (if you are a follow).

Bathroom window looking out onto Vegas.
After a while I decided to head back to the room, unpack and prepare for tomorrow.

I got up the next morning and finished unpacking the  rest of my things. Having stuff organized and at the ready helps me change faster. And I needed to, I did two wardrobe changes a day.

 Outside my window. The rooms have small faux balconies that you cant access, but the bathroom windows are conected to them. Apparently people like to toss things out there.

That's a douche! Ewww!

That's it for this post. Tomorrow I'll go over the blur of the rest of the time there. Mainly concerts, drinking, dancing and concerts. I didn't take too many photos. I'm not THAT person who would rather have the photos over enjoying the actual event, but there were a lot of those people there. 

Any questions so far? Interested in going next year? Better book your room, I think they are nearly sold out :)

Yes, I have some photos of me coming up in the next post. I LOOKED GOOD!
Okay, gotta go walk Brian. I'll see you all tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see more. I'm always interested in seeing what people pack for Viva. It seems like it's always a ton! I'm really hoping I can go next year, and possibly meet you!

  2. I haven't been to a viva since they were at the goldcoast. I always had a good time and too little sleep. I can't wait to hear more about you time there.

  3. I am so so so jealous!
    My gal and I are hoping to go next year (rooms booked), so if you decide to go again I hope I get the chance to say hi!

  4. I thought I saw you there! I am always worried about walking up to someone I THINK I know via blogs! You looked like you were having a ball.

  5. Aw! I wish you had come up to me! I'm always wondering around (A lot of time on my own because I cant bear to wait for anyone else to catch up!). I would have loved to meed you. Next year for sure!!


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