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Viva! pt 2: The blur of concerts, booze and dancing

Day two, three four, possibly five of Viva. They were all a blur, and I was busy having fun, so I only remembered to grab a picture when I could.
One of the opening concerts in the main ballroom.

Charles Phoenix did two shows and I went to both. In the second show, he threw loaves of rainbow swirled Hawaiian bread into the audience. It was delightful. He LOVES vintage cars!

Friday they had a his/hers swimsuit contest. 

On Saturday (or Friday, I forget) I went to the car show. This was the outdoor stage and Little Richard was to preform that evening. I didn't grab any photos of the cars. I'm sure there will be tons online. I did, however, dance like a silly woman out here on this concrete to the music with a guy I just met (was introduced by a friend). We danced for like three songs, and that was stupid, because I got a HUGE blister on the ball of my right foot! Stupid!!

In an excursion to get some blister pads (which worked and I was able to dance that night), we managed to drive 'the strip'. It looked like a life size brick-abrack stand. Driving through was plenty enough for me.

My friend Teressa took this photo.
Saturday also called for an appearance in my swim suit. My foot was blistered by then, so I didn't get in the water, but I was thinking about entering the swimsuit contest. Turns out you needed to submit pictures early because they tend to have so many entries. Aw well, perhaps next year.

One good thing was I did finally manage to make a hair rat. I experimented with a lot of up dos and tons of flowers. I got so many compliments!

 More concerts. Below was the audience for the jive contest. When the competition was narrowed down to three couples, it got a bit controversial. One of the couples, a crowd favorite, did no jive dancing at all! A lot of people in the crowd were thrilled by their showboat jitterbugging, but it was a JIVE contest and the judges (even though the last round was judged by the audience) was a bit torn by allowing that couple to advance.

The two real jive couples were fantastic and in the end the non jive couple got third place as the real jive couples got first and second. I was pleased with that outcome.

One of the last performances I watched were the Satin Dollz. They do a variety of things from tap to dance to singing to you name it. It was a high energy vintage variety show. I'd seen them preform before, but not a 45 minute show. They were great.

After that I headed home to my puppy and kitty. Then I unpacked and looked over my Viva swag.

From the lower left corner clockwise: The room keys and the viva event wristband. The hand fan I bought at the vendor booth. The bag and event booklet I got at check in. The boots are sort of a tradition now. One bar sells them and you can get pretty much anything in them you want for around $10-$13. Apparently they were larger last year. And the Viva wine. I had to get a bottle. It's okay wine.

Put the boots in their place right away :)

(All there was on the way home.)

And there you have it ladies an d gents. My first Viva! I did have a great time meeting new people and getting out of my head. I looked good and will post the dresses I made later on Onda. I'll also take more pictures next time. 

Have a great day!


  1. What a great event! I'm sorry you didn't get to enter the swimsuit competition, because yours is so gorgeous.

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Glad you finally got to get some dancing in that was happy and fun (minus the blister of course).

  3. It's great that you had fun and got to do lots of dancing! I can't wait til next year.

  4. Well from the photos I can see you DID look good, and it sounds like you had oodles of fun (pain notwithstanding) and enjoyed yourself- which is the important part! Glad it went well!

  5. Cool photos! I love all of your hair styles!


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