Monday, August 12, 2013

Dressing the Dress Forms

Good morning lovely people.
This past week was monumentally full of tons of projects. Sorry for the lack of posts.
I had this (still do actually) hanging around in my living room.

He's wearing a suit mock up that I made from scratch. Ugh! Hence the Miami Vice feel. I think he's leaving sometime this week. It will be nice to reclaim that footprint.

I also had a ton of smaller for other people projects that all seemed to culminate this week so it was that and money or blogging. I'm sure you all knew what choice I made.

After that was all done, my place was a mess, so the last two days I spent cleaning and organizing. I really needed to do that. Plus, I managed to make it to the thrift store and pick up some pants for Ned. These are a wool spandex blend from Gap. 32" waist. What ever, Ned.

Now he's ligit. 

Onda on the other hand is wearing a surprise. I bought a fabric lot online and the seller sent this half made vintage dress along with it.

She says 30s, but Im thinking early 40s based on the cut of the dress. The bonus is, it fits Onda with room to spare! WHAT!! Oh, it was meant to be.

This will be a great addition to MnM 13. After looking over the construction, I can honestly say that not all ladies knew how to sew back in the day. I'm just saying. This woman didn't check the tension on her machine, and the stitches are all off. Plus, all the basting is still in place (most likely because the dress isn't finished). She didn't do the greatest job at matching up the fabric's pattern either. It's obscenely evident in the two front panels. If running out of fabric was an issue, don't play with diagonals.

I'm going to take the whole thing apart, overlock the pieces, launder them, then reconstruct it. Seems like the best way to go. Oh joy. Hours of seam ripping. Be jealous.

I'm saying all of this now because this is going to be my only post for the week. There won't be a Vintageville tomorrow because I'm only half way down with it! FREELANCE!!!! (shaking fist in the air). Thanks you all for understanding.

I also have a couple patterns in the works. Wait for it...Men's patterns!!! Ladies, if you wanna outfit your man, stay tuned.

Alright lovely people. Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!!


Robin said...

Well, Ned finally has pants--he is certainly legit. Onda is holding up well. Nice fabric haul--I see some great projects coming from those pieces. Glad to hear you're getting loads of freelance work. Nothing like income. BTW, loved those LB dresses posted yesterday. I'm thinking repro...

SJ Kurtz said...

I'm all in on this. Work is goooood, even if it's messing up my Make and Mend, and just about anything else that isn't an emergency (altering boxers for teen qualifies in his mind). Some day there will be time for sewing. Pretty sure of that.

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