Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MnM 2013 progress projects

Hello lovely people.

I thought I'd give you all some progress on some of my MnM projects.

Remember that bonus dress I got? Well, I spend a few hours taking most of it apart.
The skirt is all that is remaining, and once I have it all apart, I'm going to overlock and then hand was the pieces.

The progress on the house coat is going well.

I love the play with the stripes. I have a lot of hand sewing to do on it, but once it's complete, I'll do a mini photo shoot.

I sewed on the patch for a friend to these jeans and added that gusset on the leg. Man, taking out all those stitches and then doing the two rows of stitching to make it look the part was a lot of work!

Oh, so much to do and so little time.
That's as far as I've gotten on MnM projects so far. I have a skirt in the works that I think you all will enjoy. I hope to start work on that in a day or two.

Okay everyone. I have a job interview today, wish me luck!

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Graca said...

Good luck!

Oh and great work on the mending. You have more patient than I do.

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