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July Showcase

Hello lovely people.
Squeee! I have a showcase this month!
I haven't done one in a while because times they are tight, but these past few weeks I was able to pick up a few goodies for myself and I'm quite happy for my choices.

First some patterns I acquired.

This pattern dates 1938.

 I also managed to find a real gem. A NAVY bag with a lucite pull! Yay! These are quite abundant in black, but navy is harder to come by. This one is in great condition with it's metal zipper and fairly stain free lining. I'm thrilled.

And lastly, I got these buttons for $3. Are they not the cutest little things!? I don't know what I'll use them with, but I'm happy to give them a new home :)

That's it this haul. I'm happy with it. Okay, I'm off to sew. 
I have three dresses and three suits to make (long story).
Have a great weekend!


  1. Those buttons sure are sweet and what an interesting bag - thanks for sharing!

  2. Great haul! You could always turn the buttons into a pair of earrings. That's what I do with some of the nicer vintage buttons I find.

  3. I like that bag and isn't that pull just the thing!!

  4. That Simplicity wrap dress is stellar!

  5. I love those sleeve patterns - wish modern designs still had that kind of variety!


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