Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More jacket images.

Hello lovely people.
THis week I've been sewing. Winter is coming, but in Los Angeles, it's about 70 degrees. Sigh. Still, I'm making progress on my jacket wardrobe and I thought I'd show you the progresses.

If you've been on my Facebook page, you've seen progress of this jacket. I did some cording decoration on the pockets to give the black jacket some more texture. I'm really concentrating on solids right now.

It's not perfect but I think it's a good try for my first attempt.

My next jacket is one for dyeing.
I cut out this cotton corduroy and was able to put it together in about a day.

Here is the new pocket design.

Once the jacket was together, I plan to finish it later once it's dyed.

For the sleeves on this jacket, I added a bit of gather at the shoulder to square out that silhouette.

I'm really happy with it and think it will look really nice green :)
That's it for me right now. Hope sewing is  going well for you guys.
Have a great day!!


jennywren said...

I am very fond of jackets and think your black one if gorgeous, very elegant. The high set pockets add a 'quirky' touch and the cord edging and buttons make it interesting without losing the classic simplicity. It could also be mistaken for genuine 30's jacket, I could easily picture it in an old 30/40s movie.
It will be interesting to see what the white one looks like after you have dyed it.

sandraspencer said...

I love the black jacket, so simple, so understated elegance. The buttons are a particularly nice detail. I hope the green jacket comes out just like you plan.

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