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Hello lovely people.

Boy have I ben MIA lately. It's not for lack of projects, I've just been sewing for other people, repairs and what not. Tons upon tons of mending and repairs Nothing fun, just paying bills. That's the main reason I haven't been able to sew much for myself lately. Sans my tailored jacket, I haven't made much this last month.

That's soon going to change.

Traveled to the fabric district last weekend. Such a mistake. I'm in desperate need of solids. I have so many prints in my wardrobe and no way to tie them together. I grew sick of hunting for good draping solid fabrics so I decided I would dye my own.

Oh yeah, baby.

I plan on starting with this blouse. I plan to change the sleeves.

But I'm also making more jackets.

I'm continuing with my solid stint by making a jacket from some black wool I had left from a project.

I altered the pattern taking it in at the waist and a bit in the bust and shoulders. I think this round of light jackets will fit more like heavy blouses, which I'm not opposed to.

The best thing about this pattern are the hidden chest pockets. I think they are so cool. 
The fist thing I did was alter the pocket shape. I gave it a bit more bottom so I can stow my phone in it when I'm walking down the street. I live for pockets in my garments. I always have the odd tube of chap stick or doggie bag. You know, essentials.

You can really put these pockets in just about anything you'd like. For this jacket, I raised the pocket up on the seam about an inch and a half. The X is the pattern marking for the pocket and the arrows are the excess for the seam allowance.

Once I laid out the pieces, I sewed each piece into the seam allowance that way they would be inset when I constructed the jacket.

Here go each piece sewn to their corresponding piece.

Next i s to sandwich the pocket sides together and sew them around.

From there, you construct the jacket using the proper seam allowance and start your stitch a bit inside the opening of the pocket. I like to go a good 1/2" inside.

Then you notch and press open the seams and lay the pocket to the outside and press the crap out of it.


It's pretty easy.

I love this look. I bought some white corduroy I am going to dye once I make it into a jacket as well. The dyeing is really getting me excited. So may choices!

Well that's it for me right now. 
Hope you all have a great day.


  1. I live for pockets, too! Nice job on the jacket--I'm going to have to try that.

  2. (in a Smeagal/Gollum voice) Pocketses! Love em. Should rename my blog 'Quest for Pockets'. Most wonderful pocket!

  3. Thanks for the pocket tutorial. Maybe if I wheedle you long enough, that blouse will become you next repro! I love it! I agree-the sleeves could be changed. I'm thinking long bell or short cape sleeves. Haven't started on the wrap dress yet--maybe after the holidays. :)


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