Friday, December 27, 2013

More Jacket Madness!

Hello lovely people.
I hope your Christmas was grand and that the rest of your holidays are going just as well. For those of us who are Grinching, have a hot toddy and chill.

I tend to spend my Christmases pretty low key. I put up my tree and made sure Brian had some treats and I just watched Netflix and ate soy ice cream. Yeah, that's how I do.

I organized my paper catalog collection (no easy feat, mind you).

I also got the drawing from Vintageville together (new episodes resume in January!)

But yesterday, I simply knocked out another jacket. This time, I took a sweater approach and used some nude cotton I bought.

It's a really loose weave and drapes lovely. I finish it, I had to tighten my serger stitches and also use a much shorter machine stitch when I constructed the jacket. On a whim I decided to make the jacket past my hip, so I ran out of fabric for the facing of the front and collar, so I used some cotton flecked material for that.

Here is the first of my progress.

I think it has a very 'Dickensian' feel to it. Perhaps the modified shawl collar did it. Not sure that's what I was going for, but that's what it emotes.

I just hemmed it and I'm letting it rest before I finish the bottom. I don't think I'm going to dye this one, I love the nude color so much. Plus, it will be interesting to see what buttons I choose.

These jackets are coming together so quick. It's crazy. This may be my last one for a bit. I want to get back to the blouses. Plus I got Vintageville to work on.

Was I the only one who sewed over Christmas. I'm sure I was, I'm a geek like that.
Okay lovely people, have a great day!


Valerie said...

The jacket definitely has a Victorian/steampunk vibe--can't wait to see you model it.

Robin said...

You're becoming a jacket expert--great work. Love the longer length.

Connie Turner said...

Hello lovely blogger, I like this jacket very much, the collar and longer make it interesting. I would love to see it on you.

SJ Kurtz said...

Looking at the bottom edge, it really hangs like a knit. Is it going to sag like one? Time will tell (and post-lining? Oy.). The collar/body fabric contrast is super sharp and the whole is entirely tasty. (making me think of vanilla bean sorbet....).

Shelley J said...

Its a very, very loose weave. Im letting the hem rest before I finish it now. I think it will hang like any sweater, but the bias tape I use should help it keep its shape.

Thanks for all the compliments everyone!

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