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Hello everyone!

See…This should show you all how backwards I am. I did this post which was for Monday, today, thinking this Sunday was Monday! CRAZY!!!
So Catalog Sunday will be Catalog Monday.

Good Monday, one and all. Brian says hi.

Hope you had a good weekend. 

As usual, I have been scrambling, but I must give a HUGE thank you to all those who helped me last week. It was wondrous and I am working to fulfill orders. Those that bought patterns, your orders will go out today or tomorrow. Those that ordered repro patterns, because of a setback with my printer, I am looking for another printer. I'm going to place the order this week so your orders will go out hopefully by Thursday. I'm sorry for the delay.

As far as what I've been up to, more sewing for Playclothes.

One garment I repaired was this cool 50s hostess gown/robe. The skirt has yards and yards of fabric and I was at a  loss as to how it fit on the bodice. Turns out as I was overlocking the edge, I saw faint creases in the fabric. Pleats! I followed the pleats and presto! The skirt fit fine.

Sorry I thought I got a final picture of the dressing gown, but I didn't :(

Plus, I tweaked a Cosplay for ComicCon this past weekend.

I did the whole Riddler costume from scratch in this group cosplay. He wore it for another convention first, and after some tweaks and a re-do of the mask, he was good to go.

Oh, and a little while ago I dyed my hair :)
That's it for this post. I have some more in the pipe line as I'm CRAZY busy. I just wish it paid more (don't we all). But I am feeling better about this approaching month than I was about last month. 

I'll keep you all posted and thanks again!
Yay sewing!!


  1. Glad to hear things are going better for you--love the hair. (Sorry if this posts twice--it looks like the internet ate my last comment)

  2. Nice to see you back. You look happier too! Great hair and I love your glasses. Man, I bet Brian can chow through the food! Best wishes for a good august


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