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Reorganizing some life stuff.

Good morning lovely people! 
Gave Brian a bath outside last weekend. It worked out great, used less water and I didn't have to clean the bathroom. I think we have a new normal.

Speaking of new normal, I feel that's what I've been doing these past few months. I've gotten locked into a rut of doing things and using avenues that I was just used to and not really benefiting from. 
It was time to purge.

My patterns fresh from the new printer. I had to find a new printer. The relationship with the printer I'd been using from the start was becoming toxic. I was anxious about everything when I talked to them, there was much confusion on billing, and the tone the person would take with me was just becoming acidic. I'm sure there was bad communication on both parts, but the rant about billing on my phone (after an email a few weeks ago asking when I was going to pay because they needed the money) was too much. 

I had decided a few weeks ago to source a new printer. The real reason I used the printer I did was they were close to where I lived. Their work was always professional, but I think they felt I was an annoyance, which I can't understand seeing as I was a customer as any other.

So I looked elsewhere for a while and found a new printer. A more cost effective printer. The old printer and I have exchanged words. You know, he says I did wrong and I say he did wrong. I guess our ways of thinking on things just clashed. Fine. What I didn't realize was how much stress that was giving to me in my life and in my sewing life.

I went to sleep last night really tense and woke up refreshed and feeling purged. I got an email from the printer saying in all his years, blah blah blah. And I was quite cool with it. So I sent a reply saying how outdated and antiquated their format was for me, since I'm an internet business, essentially. And I think that's what it was. 

A quote from my email: I'm doing business fitted for the internet age and have rarely had issues [with other businesses]. To use tech language, I had to make things backwards compatible to often work with you.

So there you go.

I realize this situation has ignited me. This ridding yourself of people/projects/instances where you may have gotten used to things, but now it's time to let go. Me working for free is another.

I was doing some freelance for a 'company'. I initially worked for cheap, but then agreed to more dedicated hours with a contingent promise of money in the set future. Then words like 'if we get funded' and 'in the future with money' started to spring up, so since there was no contract signed, I dedicated less time. When they asked what was taking so long (the nerve) I said that there is no contract or payment schedule, so you have me for free, so you get my time when I can allot it.

That's when the agreement changed, and I had enough. I want money and there is nothing wrong with that. So I said so. You get a budget and I'd be more than happy to work for you, but I'm not working for free anymore.

This purging of things like this have really energized me. I'm feeling so much better. I need to get more back bone on things like this. It makes me feel better and stronger and cleaner. You know?

With life being as it is for me, I am already in a low, so I don't need unnecessary things making me feel even lower.

*whew* I feel better!
Okay, I'll get back to sewing now. Yay sewing!


  1. I'm proud of you, Miss Shelly. I, too, often work for free, and it is MY choice to do so. When that 'free work' becomes expected, it's neither an entertainment now a service, and it's time to terminate.

  2. Good for you! No one should work for free when not fully volunteered for!

  3. Yay for you Shelley! This is called realizing your worth! You are worth getting paid, you are worth having a good relationship with your vendor, and you are worth feeling good about yourself! Here's wishing you all the best things in life--because you are worth it!

    And thank you for all the Brian pix--just love seeing that dog!

  4. You're finding your voice--that's great news Shelley! It's energizing and empowering.

  5. Good for you. Purging is so helpful! It clears our minds as well as physical stuff and emotional concerns. No doubt gathering yourself together to stand up to the printer was empowering, too (and I hate that word, but it does seem to fit here), and that encouraged you as well!

    You are right about the free work, too. I've been working on a pro bono project myself for someone, and don't think they have any understanding of what they're getting, yet they're constantly calling and texting and emailing—several times a day—and don't seem to remember I've other duties and responsibilities. Thus, It's probably going to be my last such "sure, I'll help you out" project unless I see a need or desire and simply offer my skills myself. Muzzle not the oxen that tread the grain, I say, and you put that into motion yourself by refusing to work for free. Good for you! I hope this roll continues for you. :)

    Oh, and Brian looks great after his bath.

  6. Go get 'em lady! Know your worth and don't take a dime less. That's a hard road I've tread myself and when you finally realize how short life is you realize that tolerating people like your printer is unacceptable. Congrats!

  7. So happy to see a new post, happy to read you are finding a way to shake off the "we really WILL pay you later" jobs (soooo expected in the arts world. Don't get me started....).
    Check out Curvy Girl Collective online. I am staring at your posts re Stout Alteration Tricks. I believe they could use your wisdom.


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