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Here I am! raises hand

Hey everybody! I've been busy this month, scrambling and trying to stay in the state. I'm close, but if you can, I'd like to ask for your help. 

I need to come up with $300 by the end of the week, so if you are thinking of buying anything from my etsy store, now would be the time and would really help me. As far as finding a job, I feel I'm getting close. I have a few nice commissions and have been picked up by a few places but the fruits of that are hopefully coming down the pipeline. For now, I just need to stay diligent and keep going, and I'm so close this month.

As far as what has been happening, it's been crazy. My younger cousin came to visit and we had lunch. That is a terrible picture of me.

Brian got bit by a neighborhood off leash dog! He's fine.

I got a nice commission to illustrate some Day of the Dead themed illustrations (that was the down the line thing I mentioned).

And I finished all of those shirred tiki dresses!!!

The purple one has this great print.

This orange one is the same style as the first dress I restored.

This teal one has a cut faux buckle on the side. I thought that was so unique. I also dropped the hem, as it had been hiked up and hit all that lovely print.

I think there is another one, but it's buried in my pictures. I finished these a couple weeks ago, and as far as I know, only the purple one is left unsold :)

 *whew* it's been a crazy, crazy few weeks. I do promise to make myself do more blogging. I have some great posts I want to get up, I just have to find the time. But, with encouragement from you all I know I'll get there.

Thanks for all the kind words and notes. You all are so swell, I really mean it!

I'll talk with you in a bit!!


  1. Yay!! You're alive! (the sunday catalogs have been good, so we knew you were out there somewhere).Great tiki dresses.

  2. The purple one is unsold?? That's the only one I'd pounce on if there was the remotest chance it'd fit!

  3. Thanks you al for all the support. You all are why I do this! Yay sewing!!!


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