Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Upcoming projects.

Hello lovely people.

I spent yesterday cleaning and rearranging my work areas as I prepare for a week of work.

A friend came over last week with three big bags full of repairs, and since I don't have any Playclothes repairs this week (I ran out), I have some time. There are no vintage items in this bunch, but work is totally work! :)

Also coming up is this amazing 20's Halloween dress.

Another friend brought it to me because it's in need of some major repairs. 

Isn't it amazing!? The decals are placed on with adhesive and there is a lot of hand tacking. It's made of handkerchief linen and needs a good cleaning. I'm going to have to do some test cleanings on it to see how it will take to water. I don't expect the fabric to be a problem, but the dye.

 I don't want the black to bleed into that bright orange yellow. More to come with this.

I also have a skirt commission. It's a cute 60's pencil skirt and should come together nicely.

ANd lastly, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get this reproduction.

I'd been wanting this pattern for a while because I really wanted to see the pattern pieces and interestingly, they are not that complicated.

This pattern will also give me a chance to work with some rayons and more flowing fabrics. 
These are the projects coming up in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!


Valerie said...

Love the Halloween dress. You can find 'color catchers' in the laundry soap section of the grocery store--they are designed to attract dyes in the water. I use them all the time for quilts. Hope you have a great day!

SJ Kurtz said...

Yay! The restorative powers of work! And Brian doing his dog job so well! I love rayon, I hope you do, too. Happy dance for you!

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