Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vintageville will be back next Tuesday!

Yes, it's true. The outlines for a good 4 or five episodes have been sitting on my drawing table ever since I took that brake weeks ago. I just fell into a slump. A depression state, and had no motivation. Slowly I'm crawling myself out of it, and one thing I missed was working on Vintageville.

I didn't think I was getting depressed again, as it felt different from my last bout with it. In my mid 20s I was severely depressed for a few years. The only thing to get me out of it was medication and my dog. The dog thing is surely helping now, asBrian has been a huge factor in me getting out and being active.

Here we are on one of our treks.

We had not give for some time because I just didn't feel motivated, then after that, I didn't think I had the strength built up anymore. I was wrong and we got to the hill top (well I did, he had some delays) with no problem. That motivated me.

Brian having a bath.

I was able to plow through two long and monstrous projects that I needed to complete and now that they are out of the way I feel so much lighter. It's opened some space for me to look and reflect and I can do new things and progress.

It's been amazing that even after going through this not too long ago I still get surprised when depression domes over me. So I'm coming back everyone and I'm going to get on a schedule again, just be patient with me.

Okay, have a great day!


Robin said...

Thank you for your transparency. I know depression well. Each day is a new challenge, but I have faith that you can work your way back. Your creativity and love for Brian is a strength. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. Vintageville --woo hoo!

Shelley J said...

Thanks :)

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