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Etsy Update!!!

Hi everyone. Just a quick update on my etsy shop. 

I'll be taking all dress commissions based on one on one contact. I don't want to list them in the store and finds it saves a lot of time if we just talk to one another with no etsy buffer. Please feel free to contact me via etsy and we can chat over email from then on out. If you are interested in a commission, please let me know, I love working with people!

I've placed a lot of new garments in the store so check those out. A lot of the dresses I've listed are also ones I've done on the blog, so you know how they have come together. Don't we all love a story to our clothes? 

Plus, per the request of some people, I am now doing law-aways! I've listed the details in my store policies so let me know if you have any questions.

Also, with my repro patterns, I've taken inventory and have listed the ones I actually have in sock, now, printed and ready to ship. To cut down on shipping time, because I have about a week buffer for the printers, I've listed what I have available, how many,

and if not available right now, you can see here in the description. This way if you want a pattern I sell that's in stock, I can ship it in a day or two instead of a week.

Okay, that is it. You all have a great Christmas and I'll chat with you soon!


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