Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo shoot and it's raining alterations!

Good morning everyone. I hope things are going well and you are gearing up for the weekend. I sure am. Last night I stopped at Target and picked up some tops that I could do that alteration neckline thing to again. This time they were long sleeved and perfect to wear with my winter things.
Speaking of winter things, or things for that matter, I don't have many.

About 10 of the blouses here are too large but made of vintage fabric I don't want to part with!

That red velvet dress I haven't been able to fit in for 5 years. Now I do with no foundation garments.

These are all the wearable clothes I have for, um, ever. Literally 70% of my previous wardrobe is 3-4" too large for me. Litterally. I *was* going to alter the stuff, but some of the things I've made are just too intricate to alter, so you will see all of it up on Etsy perhaps this weekend at real good prices. You know what I have and the fabric I use, so pick up some things while they last.
That in the mean time leaves a deficit in my closet. Of what I pictured above, nearly half of that is too big, so that leaves me with about 5 dresses, three tops, 3 pairs of pants, 6 skirts and some oversized sweaters.

It also leaves me with a lot of garments that are too crappy to sell. The ones who are made of fabric I adore, but the construction is poor? Those are my weekend project.  A weekend of fixing those items to make them wearable again. I've missed dressing up for work. I used to do it all the time, but I got lazy, and now that I'm dedicating a lot more time to myself, I feel that I need to push more and make myself the best me I want to become. This isn't just for dressing, I mean it professionally as well, and I'm kicking my ass working on new projects for my portfolio, new websites, and new stories because I need to keep going to get to where I want to be.

To me it's all connnected. My apartment is where I want it to be, and you all know how I've worked on getting that together. Now, I want to work on getting me to that same level.

My outfit for work. I've got my gray wrap dress (I had to move the white button over 2" that morning after I took this picture).

My frustration in realizing I'd have to move the button.

I also picked up some ribbon to use for my sad tree. I'll show you how it goes.

Got any alterations in your near future? Do share!
Have a great weekend!

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Lisette said...

That's great that you are losing weight! I used to have a really hard time motivating myself to alter things i already owned until I realized how much I spent on new things that I didn't even like as much. Those sorts of projects I like to do with other people if I can, sort of group spirit and whatnot.

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