Monday, December 10, 2012

I didn't do much this weekend.

My morning greeter.
Ever have that feeling? You make a list a mile long in your head to maximize those precious 48 hours only to discover that not much of what you planned got done.

Me? Saturday morning I decided to go to a vintage event. I traveled to the industrial parts of downtown LA to go to a set workshop and partake in a vintage sale where I knew about 80% of the sellers.

It was a cool venue, and I joked that we all seem to sell our vintage goods back and forth to one another.

I wore a herringbone skirt that I made a good 6 years ago, one of my very early projects. It's too large now, by a couple inches in the waist, but I wore it anyway. It's in the altering pile.

The shoes are my dancing shoes. I wanted to dress up the outfit with a modest heel, but I walk a lot so I was weary and packed a second pair of shoes to take with me.

The sweater I've had forever, thrifted for a few dollars, and my raspberry beret, which I got tons of compliments on.

I needed that change of shoes :)
When I got home I decided to make the most of the afternoon and evening and folded 50 squares for my quilt. I then laid out the fabric and it's made me super excited because I'm at the good colors parts now! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!

On Sunday I finally got around to making skirts from some of my old dresses. The flower is a linen blend and I pleated the sides to make the waist fit because the original dress was a house dress that tied around the waist.

This skirt is just the bottom of my chambray dress. This is now it's third and final alteration. That dress has been through a lot :)

Hey, looking back on all this I guess I did do a lot this weekend :)
Hope you all had a productive weekend!


Foodycat said...

It all sounds extremely productive.

Another Sewing Scientist said...

I was about to joke the same thing - seems like a much more productive weekend than I ever get!

Nothy Lane said...

I love the skirt. I have a few dresses that I've kept because I keep meaning to alter them...I have to make more time to sew.

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