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November Pattern Showcase

My sad little Christmas tree. It needs some work.
Good morning you lovely people. I know I didn't do a showcase last month. Frankly I didn't get much in the way of patterns, or anything at all on October. But November was a plentiful harvest for sure, wink, wink.

I find the above one funny seeing as it's a 46 bust and it's pattern number is 4646.

I bought this DuBarry again in a smaller size than the one I already own. Plus it's from Canada and that's kinda cool.

I also acquired some smaller odds and ends to finish out my apartment. I got this cool scissor arm lamp online. These things are quite pricy, so I was looking for a while for one that I could afford. I plan on re-wiring it with a longer and more vintage appropriate wire.

Much like my vintage fan, which I had a friend re-wire for me. The cord looks cool, right!?

And finally though this month, I got my cards back form the printers.

I think they look good, but silly me, I picked a 3X5 instead of a 5X7 card size, so they are small. It's not that bad, really. People will just be getting a cute mini card instead.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Not related to your sad tree,

    A nice meditation on mending and repairs.

  2. That is great! Thanks for sharing!


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